Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L’├ętat, C’est Moi

Many have been asking what has become of the King ?  Let it be known these past few months I have spending time abroad visiting our French and German cousins and find it exceedingly difficile to focus on the minor concerns of the colonies. Their host of little problems, political situations and minutiae of so very minor importance seem not register on the royal radar at all.

America, like the Ancient City, it seems has sunset.

I am sorry to say but la Ville Ancienne has rather become a bore as of late and collecting etchings have been of more interest to me.  I have come to admire and collect your native artist Don Swann and found his work captures the spirit of what first attracted me to the Citte in the first place many years ago. Frankly the sense of a true colonial city surrounded by an unspoiled natural world has left the place.   I too may have to go soon to places that are of more interest if much needed changes are not made at the Provincial Government level. Would your Mayor resign if asked ?

I have taken a liking to Hamburg and found it to be a wonderful place and the Europeans do have an appreciation for Culture I find lacking at present in backwatered Annapolis.  Perhaps one day you shall have standing once again on the global stage but it will most likely not be for a very long time unless you get some leadership which seems a very long way off.

 I frankly don't have the time nor inclination to care anymore.

With Kind Regards,

Your King