Friday, April 30, 2010

Wither Foer


It is all an unfortunate misunderstanding. Issues of residency always are.

A rumor is circulating about blogger and property line advocate Mr. Paul Foer. Purportedly, he has suffered some personal inconveniences and has been forced to relocate from his abode on Boucher Avenue in Eastport. To someplace called 'Severna Park'.

We have all had such inconveniences in the past. For example, I had that tussle with the Sultan of Brunei's daughter in 1974 and woke up in Macao. Or that incident on the slopes of Cortina with a member of the House of Savoy that ended with my Visa di Italia revoked. Permanently.

It's also interesting to note this is the same Mr. Paul Foer who was outraged - outraged I say! - at residency issues he promoted around Ms. Zina Pierre.

To put this to rest, I can definitively state that at Monday night's City Council meeting he still claimed to be a resident of Boucher Avenue. And made that claim to the entire Council and Mayor. On TV and on the record.

Bully for him!

When I give testimony to the High Commissioner for Hamilton, I always reaffirm my Bermudian citizenship. As I do to the Council of Davos when I am in Confoederatio Helvetica. And with the Minister of Rangoon, I am Burmese.

So I get it. Lecturing the City Council yet not residing in Annapolis detracts so much from the message. Similar to showing your credit cards and preaching frugality while living on the Melart Jewelry trust fund.

And yet there is recompense for Mr. Foer. Delegates James King and Tony McConkey and County Councilwoman Cathy Vitale, his new Republican representatives, have not had the benefit of his excoriations. So he has new work to do.

From wherever he does it from.

King of George

Democrats Swarm, Ward One Vomits

Governor O'Malley Speaking in the Great Hall of the People Last Night

Fellow Historics:

The King always stays away from all forms of democracy, especially political parties. Those pesky 'people' who think they have 'rights'. So last night the King found alternative amusement.

Turns out even that wasn't all that amusing.

You see last night was the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. And all the left wing glitterati were there. Aldermen Ian Pfeiffer, Sheila Finlayson, Kenny Kirby, Classie Hoyle and even the nefarious Mr. Weikel were seen out and about. Mayor Cohen brought an entourage and worked the room with the best of them.

Most notably for Annapolitans, Ms Moyer emerged from her exile in the West. She was welcomed back to the fold and found support and solice from fellow Democrats.

Governor Martin O'Malley gave a rah-rah speech that was followed by a downer of a discourse by Comptroller Peter Francot.

And Mike Busch even won a door prize.

This all involved too many common people for the King and, anyway, there was better entertainment to be had.

The 2 am license hearing!

Dubbed 'Pukefest 2010' by a couple of CCRABL committee members, the King was hoping for a rock'em sock'em Ward One Battle Royale involving all the good people versus all the bad people. Instead what he got was more of the same, dumbed down.

Sure we heard about all the drunks urinating and puking on our virginal streets. And music (yea, music!) that we could hear out of doors. But most of it was the same re-hashed complaints we have heard since paleolithic times.

No minds were changed yet again.


One moment of levity was offered by Sandy Cohen (yes MOM - Mother Of the Mayor) when she was complaining about all 2 am licenses. Inconveniently, she was reminded she supported seven 2 am licenses on West Street near her home. Flashing to anger, her testimony was effectively complete.

Yes, hypocrisy can be such a burden to us.

King of George

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Residents of the Outer Wards: Are You Elite?

Residents of the Outer Wards:

The King is constantly being asked: how do I become elite? Well, I am and you can too!


Take this special test and see if you have what it takes 'to be elite in the Core':

1. Who is your favorite Mayor of Annapolis?
a) Amos Garrett, except for his pesky dog.
b) Ellen Moyer, first term.
c) Ellen Moyer, second term.
d) Ellen Moyer, third term.

2. How many endangered Argali mountain sheep have you illegally shot on your trips to the Russian steppe?
a) Argali Sheep? None, zero, zip. The sheep I shot only looked like an Argali. It was actually a feral Merino. Please talk to my attorney.
b) 0 – 50.
c) 50 +.
d) I never shoot sheep. I pay my man servant to.

3. What is your net worth?
a) $1 billion plus.
b) $100 million to $1 billion.
c) Zero to $100 million.
d) Negative.

4. When was the last time you were in Eastport?
a) Never.
b) I live there.
c) I keep a boat there.
d) I never visit. I pay my man servant to.

5. Who is the Fifth Earl Viscount Lindley Farthingham?
a) A distant relative.
b) Dick Israel's original name.
c) The former Alderman from Ward 7.
d) Me.

6. Are you in favor of 2 am bar closings?
a) Only for my friends.
b) No, never.
c) Only in Eastport.
d) Who cares? I drink at home alone and at night.

7. Where do you park?
a) In my garage.
b) On the street.
c) In Hillman garage.
d) I never park. I pay my man servant to.

8. Who is your favorite President?
a) Jefferson Davis.
b) George Washington.
c) George W. Bush.
d) Idi Amin Dada of Uganda.

9. What are your columns made of?
a) Plastic.
b) Fast growth pine.
c) The finest mahogany.
d) The drawings say wood. Now get off my damn porch!

Pencils down.


Now score yourselves. For every (a) answer you get 5 points. For every (d) answer you get 10 points. And you get nothing for (b)s and (c)s.

- 80 to 90 Points - You are in! Fuel up the G5 and I'll see you in La Cap.
- 60 to 75 Points - Some questions remain. We'll put you in the pile for future consideration. In 2045.
- 55 to 40 Points - Time to move our of your parent's basement. Eastport awaits.
- Less than 40 Points - No need to move. Mom will have dinner ready soon.

I sincerely hopes this helps clarify your social status.

King of George

Moyer Denies Annapolis

Dear Readers:

It's a question of relative merit. Or demerit.

Ms. Ellen O. Moyer has returned. The deposed leader is back upon her throne. But, in a conversation over heard by the King's agents today, she has denied us!

"Annapolis is NOT my hometown. I'm from Baltimore County!" she was heard exclaiming.

Well, we do fully understand you are not from the Historic Core. You are from Eastport. That small little place across the Gulf of Annapolis. Filled with villagers who have begun taking themselves a bit too seriously for my taste. (We, the elite of the Core, are the only ones who are entitled to behave in such a manner.)

But is it worse to be from Baltimore County or Eastport? The King is unsure. For Historics, we would probably prefer you to be from Balto County since is so far away from our beloved Core.

Then, again, we can smell Eastport. Anything you could do about those decaying fish would be appreciated.

Ms. Moyer, if you are going to betray us please do so for a respectable place. Like Davos, Aix en Provence or the Palms (either the Beach or Springs will do).

But please not Baltimore County.

King of George

The Perfidy of The Weikel

Julie Stankivic, Egyptian Queen of Denial

Gentle Readers:

The King tries to never practice the art of character assignation. However, in the case of Mr. Weikel, I will make an exception.

You see, at the City Council meeting Monday night former Alderwoman Julie Stankivic brought his name before the good citizens of Annapolis. She was the recipient of an anonymous postal card that attacked our soon-to-be former CAO Doug Smith. (Apparently she has switched political parties again since, purportedly, the mailing only went out to voting Democrats.)

The card was produced without an authority line and contained many factual errors. What these were she did not say.

What is most concerning is Mr. Weikel is elected by fellow Democrats. And he is fond of expressing his personal views. In public. And sometimes disseminating them.

That is dangerous stuff.

She is right to be alarmed. We need both an Election Board inquiry and a State's Attorney investigation. Plus Mr. Weikel should also be put under surveillance and have his home seized, just to start.

But we must not forget his most egregious crime: living in the Historic Core and rejecting his fellow elite. This is the Ward One equivalent of high treason and only a disemboweling on City Dock is adequate punishment.

Ms. Stankivic - wherever you are from (someplace called Ward 6?), thank you for pointing out the crimes of Mr. Weikel. He must be punished.

It is our honorable duty.

King of George

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Word of the Day: REVENUES

Fellow Historics:

Annapolis is filled with many smart people. Our dear friend Greg Stiverson likes to say Annapolis has more smart people per square foot than any other citte in America.

So what happened with Ald. Ross Arnett's special finance advisory committee report Monday night?

Senior experienced managers who have a track record with budgeting and expenses carefully examined the budget. And they made observations and conclusions about city spending that few without a detailed knowledge of the budget could find fault with. In all likelihood, they got it right.

Or, more precisely, half of it right.

In budgeting, COSTS = REVENUES (or so my trustee insists). So they looked intently at the left side of the equation without any apparent consideration of the right.

The problem is that the so-called budget 'crisis' is not being driven by a change in costs (Josh Cohen's proposed spending is virtually the same as Ellen Moyer's). Rather by a reduction in revenues to the City.

Annapolis is apparently not completely immune from the global economy. Tax revenues are down as is our share of gas taxes that fund transportation. And, more significantly, the grant revenues from the Feds, the State and many other sources are down.

Most disturbing is the drop in grant revenues. Grants are discretionary sources of revenue. You have to find them, apply for them and then administer them. They do not come automatically, they require management and work.

The City has done a poor job in maintaining this critical source of revenue, losing some, bobbling others and just losing track of many due to staff turmoil.

We know that the Federal Waterway Improvement grant of $250,000 has been lost, that MTA grants are gone or not applied for, other cultural grants have been dropped (e.g., The Big Read Grant), Federal stimulus monies for the Markethouse mysteriously lost and many others (see: Let's Get Fiscal, 4 March). And, interestingly, all lawsuits have been dropped against contractors who cost the City millions on the police department construction.

The expectations for the economy are bullish and Obama-nomics is now working. Wall Street and the stock markets have definitively answered 'yes' to these questions. In an informal poll of 5 ABA members, all report stable or improving sales in the first quarter. Which means the City's share of this tax pie will rebound.

It's a classic move to hide a political agenda behind a 'crisis'. Things that are either impossible to reach a political consensus on (e.g., shutting down the city bus system) can be achieved through fiscal manipulation by ideologues. (Read Namoi Klien's NYT best seller Shock Doctrine for this technique used on a larger, global scale.)

And so we heard alarming language Monday night. Shortfalls, deficits and a 'crisis'. A 'crisis' that requires us to cut the fundamental services of City government. Protecting people, neighborhoods and our environment.

Without criticizing any one individual, this committee represented a group of people with a deep experience in dealing with costs, but not revenues. None ran businesses that were dependent on multiple sources of income. None were responsible for multiple grants. And none seemed to express any sensitivity to the fact that revenues are dynamic.

They go down. And they go back up.

So what is Ald. Arnett's agenda in talking only about costs and not about revenues? Does he want to strangle the City of its financial resources?

King of George

Monday, April 26, 2010


Dearest Readers:

As predicted here, today former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer has returned to the Ancient Citte. This monumental event occurred after her 6 month post-election banishment.

Due to general political tensions, her arrival was unheralded except for a close coterie of supporters, family and friends. We expect little to heard from her initially as she re-establishes her political roots which have been dormant all winter.

In Annapolis, April 27th. shall forever now be known as "Annapolis Liberation Day". It was a most dramatic scene that we expect future Annapolitans will fondly remember and re-enact for generations.

Ms. Moyer is to make her first public appearance at this week's Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Dinner. She is expected to be seen with Governor Martin O'Malley and survey the political carnage created by others in her wake.

The capitol for her political travails will be Eastern Avenue in Eastport. To keep extremist political riff raff at bay her consort, Mr. Dale Maddox, has already been sighted toting a blunderbuss to the parapets of the structure.

From there, we expect her to retake the Ancient Citte in an olde fashioned Ward One street fight. Ward by ward, street by street. We even understand some have already become secretly allied with her in exchange for support for future political aspirations.

This story is only beginning, so readers should standby for an interesting ride.

Le jouet est fait.

King of George

NB - To add injury to insult it appears Mayor Cohen & City Council last night definitively told CAO Doug Smith that his contract will not be extended beyond 30 June. We wish him all the best in his future political endeavours.

More Secrets, Less Democracy. Please!

Fellow Elite:

I need to make this clear. I fully support secret societies and groups. Like John Francis (Jack) Donaghy, I am an active member of a number of them. (If I told you who they were then they would no longer be secret, would they?)

So when I heard of CAO Doug Smith's association with the 'Stop the Gunfire' Group in Eastport I was initially encouraged.

This group had a quest to purify Eastport of crime (more specifically, the Ward 6 Eastport part of public housing). They went to extremes. Holding unannounced organizational meetings. No public election of officers. No charter or by-laws. And public forums that usually consisted of one or two associates talking over and down to others. About as transparent as Mississippi mud.

Bully for them!

Herr Smith was a enthusiastic participant in this cabal. Attending most of their meetings and attempting to organize 'outrage' in Ward One along the lines of what purportedly existed in Eastport. He even was a supposed victim of crime himself (see: Levitating Burglar to Return? , 14 April).

Yet there was a problem. And it isn't an issue of 'were they effective or ineffective' in achieving their goals. After all, even that noted communal democrat (small 'd') Tom Jefferson made the stage coaches run on time.

It's a questions of their means to an end.

They invited the rabble into their tent -- but, of course, not let them have a leadership voice in the group, vote, stand for election as an officer, write by-laws, etc...

Upon further reflection, I am now quite concerned about Herr Smith's participation. After all, as CAO he must represent only the needs of us, the elite of the Historic Core. Yet by tying up with this group of Eastporters he has shown his willingness to take any means to an end. Even dealing with the rabble beyond the creek.

It's a dangerous precedent to set, dealing with Eastporters. Even if they do run an opaque organization whose ultimate aims are unclear.

We have enough opaque organizations on this side of the creek that are, more appropriately, run by us, the elite of Historic Core.

Come home Doug.

King of George

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Brave Hearts:

Are you sitting down?

In a surprise phone call from the King today, former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer let out a shocker: she has made an unscheduled side trip to Havana.

An ancient port city like Annapolis, Ms. Moyer reported that the historic district of the city was quite fascinating, with many old and noble buildings recalling an European-inspired earlier era. She also reported that Havana's City Hall was very run down and in disrepair.

Of course, Havana is well known for being an early European settlement in the the new world and a gathering place for native peoples.

This excursion was totally unexpected and at the request of her traveling companion and man servant, Mr. Dale Maddox.

Apparently he 'had a hankerin' for some home cooked fruit pie. Havana, Illinois is also well know for its local farm cooking.

Ms. Moyer now expects to be home in time for the Jefferson Jackson dinner next week in Glen Burnie.

King of George

Politics and Polo

Dearest Readers:

I have never been too keen on team sports. Except polo, my first love. A full 8 chukkas on an outside ground.


Politics is not polo and my interest wains. Nevertheless, as we handicap polo games, politics is a local team sport that I must make remark of when one side gains a distinct game changing advantage over another.

Such is the case now with CAO Doug Smith in City Hall.

You see, before being appointed CAO, Herr Smith had a political history. He came to prominence in Annapolis running the Ward One Resident's Association, a quasi-political group formed to enforce our own elitist Ward One right wing political order on the City (bully for that!). Remember dear Louise and John Hammond?

Most recently, in the primary elections he supported Trudy McFall, who went on to betray the entire Democratic slate in the general election. Then, less than 3 weeks before the general election, Josh Cohen's own campaign, in a phone poll, id'ed him as a Republican Dave Cordle supporter. Even now he posts self serving political rants on right wing blogs that have never supported local Democratic candidates.

One can only imagine the County and City Republican Central Committee's glee at having one of their own in power in City Hall. Sitting next to Democratic Central Committee Member and former Chair Gail Smith. Observing and reporting every move of the Democrat Josh Cohen. And every policy of the administration that might provide an advantage to his team.

When asked about it, Mayor Cohen has said Herr Smith is a good Democrat and will fully support Team 30 and Martin O'Malley in the general election. Even though he has never supported another local Democrat (except plutocrat Dick Israel in Ward One).

Does Cohen expect Democrats to believe this? Could he really be this naive? Or is he somehow in on the game?

There is no doubt it will be a very difficult election for Mike Busch in Annapolis City:
-- Busch won District 30 in 2006 by only 500 votes.
-- Toxins from Zina Pierre's failed effort are still in the stew.
-- General African American anger about their neglect in the new Cohen Administration and their treatment in the local paper.
-- It is unlikely a far right wing nut like the 'Constitution Party' will emerge to suck 2,100 votes off the Republican base as happened in 2006.
-- Ellen Moyer's political machine is in mothballs.
-- Busch's political machine is moribund with the departure of Sarah Flynn and an unclear campaign organization.
-- A national political sentiment that will likely curve right.

Josh's own political organization is poor, held together last fall by Kathy Nieberding, AFSCME and some bailing wire. None of these will be involved in Annapolis this year (except, perhaps, the bailing wire).

At the State level, Martin O'Malley won the City by 1,400 votes in 2006. This margin will undoubtedly be decreased but Annapolis is unlikely to have a significant state wide effect.

An early success at splintering the Democrat's base by Herr Smith's policies is the loss of the key support of the AFSCME labor union. Glen Middleton, the International's President and United States DNC member (who, purportedly, has President Obama on speed dial), routinely speaks against city policies and pickets City Council meetings. Local Democrats can not help but take significant note of the activist opposition of a national Democratic Party political figure like Middleton.

How this incredulous situation could develop is beyond many observers. Most chalk it up to gross errors in judgement by young Mayor Cohen. Added to this is Cohen's perplexing early endorsement of Judd Legum while nary a word about Messr. John Astle, Mike Busch, and Mme. Virginia Clagett.

Surely the ABC's and the Governor are smarter than this. Yet they appear to have lost control of the young man and the political situation in Annapolis.

So, bully for the R's. Their man inside the Democratic machine will be radioing confidential intel to his team. The final nail in the Democrat's coffin that they could not achieve at the ballot box.

Herr Smith, you've done it again.

Advantage in this chukka - R's!

King of George

Friday, April 23, 2010


Fellow Historics:

I am perplexed to report that our dear former Mayor, Ellen O. Moyer, was sighted today by the King's agents in Nebraska. That most common of states.

Corn, swine and illegal whiskey. I think that is all it is noted for. Even good Dick Israel was shrewd enough to be born one state away in Kansas.

So a departure from Nebraska kind of takes the shine off the 'big return' thing.

(see FLASH: MOYER TO RETURN, 19 April)

Not the same as France.

Oh my. Do we need a new analogy instead of Mary Queen of Scots?

Mais non.

We will do what all gentle people of the Historic Core should do: neglect the facts and pretend it didn't happen.

King of George

NB - The dear is expected in the citte late this weekend. Category 5 about to hit 160 Duke of Gloucester.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

King of George: DON'T READ THIS BLOG!

Fellow Historics:

I am upset.

Over 400 page views yesterday and media reports attributing the King.

Yet that is not the point. This is not a blog for you and your freakishly twisted agenda. And certainly not for the tired and huddled masses of Eastport or Admiral Heights or even the poseurs of Wardour.

It is for us, the elite of the Historic Core.

To quote my favorite source, me:

First and foremost you must understand we are superior to you. It's not because we are smarter, more handsome or have amassed more wealth. It is simply that our minds are decided on this point.

Second, you enable us. Thank you very much. We sniffle about crime, you 'stop the gunfire'. We are awoken by 2 am rowdyism, you want to ban all bars.

Messieurs and Madames, thank you for your efforts. But your membership to the Club has been rejected.

You see it takes so much more than simple extremism to belong here.

You must attend the croquet match with friends who have jetted in from Dusseldorf, sip sherry with dear Harvey on a blustery fall day and have had secret cocktails to celebrate the renovations you have done to your home without HPC approval.

You see, our life does have a higher quality about it.

So, unless you are part of the elite:


King of George

NB - If you live on Boucher or Burnside, then you should unplug your computer and step away from the key board.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cohen Learns the Fine Art of Betrayal

Brave Hearts:

It seems young Mayor Cohen is finally learning the dark arts from his henchman, Herr Smith.

About time.

Mayor Cohen, in concert with the City Council, created something called the Citizen's Committee to Review Alcoholic Beverage Laws (with the unfortunate acronym 'CCRABL'). Although he stacked the committee with 7 members of his own choosing, he allowed the 8 Aldermen to select one member each.

The purpose of this group is to review the citte's liquor licensing laws, especially enforcement, fees and the 2 am opening issue. The Committee is to report recommendations to the Council by July.

At the City Council, there has been significant pressure to move forward on the 2 am license issue yet the Mayor and some members of the Council have had a 'let the committee do its job' attitude. Thus, the 120 day rule has been suspended on the closing time issue - even though the legislation was introduced in the last Council.

And the Committee has been meeting diligently every week since March. Word from the King's sources is that they have made significant progress on a number of pithy issues, including the aforementioned enforcement, fees and closing hours.

Unfortunately, the results appear to not be to Mayor Cohen's liking. So he has quietly announced to license holders, and license holders only, a new parallel track.

Click on the letter above.

Word is that the Chairperson and the Committee had no idea of this new path. To 'discuss' and to be 'taking a fresh look' at enforcement of laws and regulations. With the Chief of Police and the ABC Board Chair.

Mandates that were, until Mayor Cohen's actions, under the CCRABL's purview.

So last night the entire Committee, including the Ward One residents and the restaurant and bar owners, voted to express their concern to the Mayor and demand an explanation. Unanimously.

We know very well what the young mayor is doing. He is learning at the feet of the Prince, Herr Smith. Obfuscate and create an ambiguous committee. If the committee actually seems to be getting traction, take their mandate away then humiliate and neuter them. Publicly.

Looks like the derailment is progressing well, irrespective of what the Committee says or does.

We hate any change in the Historic Core. So bully to you Josh!

And your scheming mentor, Herr Smith, the Prince.

King of George

Ward One's Altered State of Reality

Dear Hearts:

The King is quite distressed. You see, an Alderman is impugning the HONOR of those who live in the Historic Core.

At City Council last month a fellow resident of the Core stood up before the Council and told them there was a rape.

Yes, a rape.

In front of her residence on Prince George. After 2 am bar closing. And she had heard it and had the panties to prove it! (Egad. Surely the only time someone in the Historic Core would ever exit their panties would be under duress. I certainly would have to be forced out of mine.)

At yesterday's Public Safety Committee Hearing, Alderpeople Kenny Kirby and Sheila Finlayson queried Chief Pristoop with the confounding question: "Was there a rape?". His reply was quite ambigious and easily misunderstood: "No."

So now do-gooder Alderman Kenny Kirby wants to offer legislation that would put those of us in the Historic Core under oath and make it perjury if we lie to the Council.

Really! This has gone too far.

We do not lie - by virtue of living in the Core and our station in life. Perchance, on occasion, our view of the world does not fit with a generally accepted scientific view of reality. So what?

That is reality's fault, sir!

So when my porch column drawings say 'wood' and I substitue 'plastic', I am not technically wrong since plastic is a type of wood, right?

And when my neighbor testified before Council and said she had witnessed a rape, she did not mean a real physical criminal rape. She meant the abuse we have heaped upon us for living in the Historic Core. The melting of dropped ice cream on our sidewalks. The illegal parking by tourists. And the disrespect we sustain from those of the outer Wards.

We are honorable people.


Because I said so.

King of George

Monday, April 19, 2010


Fellow Historics:

King of George can confirm our own Mary Queen of Scots, Mayor Ellen O. Moyer, is now set to return the Ancient Citte. She has been cast out since the inauguration of the current regime in November 2009.

Her return will be a scene reminiscent of the Dear Queen Mary's return to Leith, Scotland from France on 19 August 1561. For strategic reasons, the exact date and time in the next week will not be publicly announced. Yet, like Mary, she has not waited for a safe-conduct pass from the nouvelle regime.

The Boy King M. Cohen and his own Sir Francis Walsingham, the shrewd and conniving Herr Smith, await her.

Prima facia the Boy King and the Grizzled Queen get along well enough. Nevertheless, the young man has an agenda and, being new to power, has not yet learned how to be ruthless in its execution. Thus, Herr Smith is likely the prime actor to carry out some of the novelle regime's most odious tasks. Like Sir Francis, Herr Smith is a callous, devious man driven by an excessive love for intrigue.

Bully for him!

This will be a fine high drama with many twists and turns. Undoubtedly it will eventually culminate in an attempt at a political beheading of Queen Ellen at her own Fotheringhay Castle on Eastern Avenue in Eastport.

To set the stage for the replay of this most ancient of plots, we have also confirmed that key advisors to Mayor Moyer are planning a meeting with her in Chicago later this week. Far from the clutches of the evil Sir Francis. Strategy and tactics for the coming political battles will be discussed, along with concerns related to the tense poltical environment in the Ancient Citte.

Yet those who practice schadenfreude should be forewarned. Mary Stuart's progeny, James Charles Stuart, ruled the realm most satisfactorily for many years and united the kingdoms of England, Scotalnd and Wales. Never was done before.

Got it Bumper, Loni, Mike, Guy and Steve?

Annapolitans are in for a treat as the drama unfolds in many acts. All sides are dug in for a long performance that we expect from these most accomplished of actors.

There will be no intermissions.

Let's hope the inevitable Greek tragoidia spills only metaphorical blood onto the streets of the Ancient Citte. Remember, there was once a reason we were the Athens of America.

And there may be again.

King of George