Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back Creek Neglected by Smith

Fellow Historics:

I am solely focused on the Historic Core. All the municipal resources should be focused here. It is what matters and what is important.

So, I am happy to report Herr Smith has continued this concentration of resources downtown. Now this has meant killing environmental educational programs on Back Creek. Set up as an urban living classroom on the environment, Herr Smith recognizes that doing anything for the Creek is a waste of resources.

Even though this area has the highest concentration of economic activity outside downtown. And is the core of our maritime industry.

Economic development through environmental deprivation.

Bully for you sir!

King of George


  1. I thought Josh Cohen was elected Mayor. Someone should tell King George and Josh, if that wasn't the case.

    For some (obviously political reason) King George wants to lay the blame for everything on Smith.

    It's a nice try, but Cohen approves EVERYTHING, and if you're having a problem with what the City's doing, you should address Cohen, rather than continue with this childish tirade against Smith.

  2. All this "It's Smith's fault" is just more crap from Weikel. Why doesn't he hit the road with Moyer and let the adults try to fix what Moyer had done.

  3. Dearest Anons:

    I think it is true Mr. Cohen is Mayor. I believe. I think. Is that is correct. Non? He hasn't been seen much with his door locked and APD around.

    Yes, Mr. Weikel should be run out of town on a rail. And I happen to have suitable one to do it with here on King George St. One General Butler pulled up in 1862 from the old W&B line. To prevent our communication with Balto and the District. Whats cads!

    Damned Yankees!

    King of George

  4. Mr. Cohen is our representative and Mr. Smith is our City Manager. The King has it right. We should concentrate all our resources downtown where the highest taxes are paid.

  5. Who is it that keeps defending (City Manager) Smith - Is this Paul Foer posting again ? Heaven forbid if Mayor Moyer were to have police officers guarding her and Ahee's homes and City Hall doors... Alas Mr., Foer is happy announcing children's bulletin board items and arranging internet games for his readers.

  6. Sirs:

    Perchance, haven't you noticed it is Easter by God? We should be indulging our inner gormands. Pheasant with a truffle glaze and a side of Caspian caviar perhaps.

    Nevertheless, I will indulge politics for a brief moment.

    I fully support Herr Smith and his rapacious gutting of civil servants, killing of environmental programs and complete lack of fiscal acumen or accountability. We in Ward One have waited years for such a avenger with which to attack our enemies.

    I just wish Herr Smith had more of a flair for the dramatic. A guillotine on City Dock would be good.

    King of George

  7. The government is bloated from Moyer's years of excess. Thanks goodness Mr. Smith has the courage to cut the fat from the budget and get us on a pay as you go basis.

    The Moyer Democrats are left put in the cold and that is a good thing for our pocketbooks.

  8. Dearest Anon:

    Yes, sir you are correct.

    Herr Smith has had to burn the house down to save it. Including women and children. And pets. And visitors from out of town who are bringing us need revenue.

    And despoiling the enviroment so nothing will ever come back. Creating needed rifts between communities and people.

    We all started to get along too much for my taste.

    Thank you, Herr Smith!

    King of George

  9. Thank goodness Josh & Doug are making Annapolis live within its means... now we may be able to afford fix the City Dock area the right way rather than what Ellen did.

    You figure if you spent all that money you would at least improve the impervious surface situation rather than just build the same old thing -- i.e. a parking lot on the water.

    Brilliant! -- especially for an environmentalist. Pearse O'Doherty came up with a nice plan as part of the idea/transition team - hopefully it will get done.

  10. Obviously Craig has business in front of the city again...

  11. Sirs:

    Bully for Mr. Purcell. He rightly knows that City Dock belongs to us in the Historic Core.

    So let's fix it the way we want. Ms. Moyer be damned.

    King of George