Monday, April 5, 2010

Silence Can Be Golden

Fine Neighbors:

Our downtown streets are quite narrow and crowded. This weekend especially, they were filled with the raucous noise of our visitors.

Not to fear. Herr Smith has a noise reduction plan of his own. It involves paying some ex-city employees for their silence.

Under the terms of some employment contracts, certain senior ex-city employees are being paid for 3 to 4 months of 'consulting'. These are not severance payments. These contracts specifically define these payments as 'consulting services', pay for work.

But what is really happening is the City is paying them for doing nothing. Nothing at all. Full pay for 3 to 4 months.

Of course, the King understands this is not what these transactions are really all about. Herr Smith has no intent to use them for any 'consulting services'.

Rather, he is paying them to keep quiet. Quiet about what is happening in City Hall. Quiet about lost grants and revenues. And quiet about insider connections and prospects for future deals.

No noise. Don't spill the beans. We cannot air our dirty laundry in public. Vous savez.

So, while Herr Smith gave himself a $53,000 a year raise and is firing employees right and left, taxpayer cash is being spiffed under the terms of senior employment contracts for silence. Err, consulting.

I suggest they expand this program to include our soon-to-arrive summer visitors. Especially a rotund young fellow who cater walls under my window on King George Street. In the middle of my afternoon naps.

Little mongrel. Let's pay him to go back to Glen Burnie.

King of George


  1. Such a claim really boarders on slander. At best, it's completely irresponsible. It's the kind of completely baseless tripe that Weikel likes to put out on a routine basis.

    If you've got proof, let's see it.

    Why don't you show up at a City Council meeting and ask the Mayor directly if he's paying people for consulting service, knowing the employees aren't going to do anything.

    I doubt we'll see you there; this is just another of Weikel's drive by shootings. How on earth did he get through the Naval Academy? Everything he's done so far here in Annapolis politics would be considered an honors violation.

  2. Methinks King of George has a mole inside City Hall.

  3. Dearest Anonymous:

    The King fully supports Herr Smith's 'consulting services' payments. They are in the employment contracts, written in plain English (although I have always preferred Latin as a language for contracts. Much easier to obfuscate!)

    That Plebeian Weikle. Lives in a working man's hovel on Conduit. Oh, how lower class. He must be shunned.

    King of George

  4. So, the payment which you said "isn't severence" actually is the severence pay which is written into the city code.

    In other words, you were just misleading people (lying) in this ongoing attempt to smear Smith.

    By the way, remember when Moyer introduced legislation in her final months to increase that severence from 3 months to 6 months? I guess Moyer wanted to give all her buddies who had been slopping at the trough one more bite before they left.

  5. Dearest Anon:

    It appears the King has hit a nerve, eh? Is the pain really that intense?

    It is as reported sire. 'Consulting services' that are not being demanded but are being paid. By the citte for certain senior staff members. Silence is golden.

    There is nothing wrong with money without attachments.

    I don't work for mine, do you?

    King of George

  6. All the more reason to have an independent audit. When is the County going to pay their 3 mil sewage bill?

  7. When is the press going to investigate all of this ? Amazing...

  8. Shocking.

    Why are people being paid off?

  9. What's shocking is the lying that's displayed here. Severence pay mandated by City Code is NOT payment for silence.

    It's really astonishing to see the total lack of honesty displayed on this blog.

    The more you all persist in this kind of nonsense, the more it cements people's desire to purge City government of all traces of the Moyer administration.

    Please keep it up; you're cutting your own throat.

  10. Dearest Anon:

    The King is rightly amused at your befuddlement. English is such a difficult language to master if you have grown up reading Latin.

    (a) Payments are occuring, (b) from the City to former senior employees, (c) for consulting and (d) no consulting is occuring.

    You should consult your Oxford if in doubt as to meaning (please don't use that American ruffian Webster's). I assume you might find a copy in Mr. Rock Towes' book establishment in your mews of Eastport.

    King of George

  11. It is beyond belief what is occuring with this Smith guy. How crazy is he??

  12. Smith must go! Cause Ward Two tells us so!

  13. The payoffs in city hall must stop!!!!!