Friday, April 30, 2010

Democrats Swarm, Ward One Vomits

Governor O'Malley Speaking in the Great Hall of the People Last Night

Fellow Historics:

The King always stays away from all forms of democracy, especially political parties. Those pesky 'people' who think they have 'rights'. So last night the King found alternative amusement.

Turns out even that wasn't all that amusing.

You see last night was the annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. And all the left wing glitterati were there. Aldermen Ian Pfeiffer, Sheila Finlayson, Kenny Kirby, Classie Hoyle and even the nefarious Mr. Weikel were seen out and about. Mayor Cohen brought an entourage and worked the room with the best of them.

Most notably for Annapolitans, Ms Moyer emerged from her exile in the West. She was welcomed back to the fold and found support and solice from fellow Democrats.

Governor Martin O'Malley gave a rah-rah speech that was followed by a downer of a discourse by Comptroller Peter Francot.

And Mike Busch even won a door prize.

This all involved too many common people for the King and, anyway, there was better entertainment to be had.

The 2 am license hearing!

Dubbed 'Pukefest 2010' by a couple of CCRABL committee members, the King was hoping for a rock'em sock'em Ward One Battle Royale involving all the good people versus all the bad people. Instead what he got was more of the same, dumbed down.

Sure we heard about all the drunks urinating and puking on our virginal streets. And music (yea, music!) that we could hear out of doors. But most of it was the same re-hashed complaints we have heard since paleolithic times.

No minds were changed yet again.


One moment of levity was offered by Sandy Cohen (yes MOM - Mother Of the Mayor) when she was complaining about all 2 am licenses. Inconveniently, she was reminded she supported seven 2 am licenses on West Street near her home. Flashing to anger, her testimony was effectively complete.

Yes, hypocrisy can be such a burden to us.

King of George


  1. Pukefest 2010?

    Sorry to have missed it!

  2. Dear King of George,

    It seems you uncharacteristically let your hair down last night and mixed with the people - I hope your head was not turned from the good and true way with by all the glamor and hobnobbing.

  3. Dearest Ward:

    Mais non! The King attended the hearing and sent his man servant to observe and report on the Democrats.

    King of George

  4. Pukefest? Were you talking about the 2am hearing or the Dem's dinner?

  5. Ha! Perhaps both...