Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cohen Learns the Fine Art of Betrayal

Brave Hearts:

It seems young Mayor Cohen is finally learning the dark arts from his henchman, Herr Smith.

About time.

Mayor Cohen, in concert with the City Council, created something called the Citizen's Committee to Review Alcoholic Beverage Laws (with the unfortunate acronym 'CCRABL'). Although he stacked the committee with 7 members of his own choosing, he allowed the 8 Aldermen to select one member each.

The purpose of this group is to review the citte's liquor licensing laws, especially enforcement, fees and the 2 am opening issue. The Committee is to report recommendations to the Council by July.

At the City Council, there has been significant pressure to move forward on the 2 am license issue yet the Mayor and some members of the Council have had a 'let the committee do its job' attitude. Thus, the 120 day rule has been suspended on the closing time issue - even though the legislation was introduced in the last Council.

And the Committee has been meeting diligently every week since March. Word from the King's sources is that they have made significant progress on a number of pithy issues, including the aforementioned enforcement, fees and closing hours.

Unfortunately, the results appear to not be to Mayor Cohen's liking. So he has quietly announced to license holders, and license holders only, a new parallel track.

Click on the letter above.

Word is that the Chairperson and the Committee had no idea of this new path. To 'discuss' and to be 'taking a fresh look' at enforcement of laws and regulations. With the Chief of Police and the ABC Board Chair.

Mandates that were, until Mayor Cohen's actions, under the CCRABL's purview.

So last night the entire Committee, including the Ward One residents and the restaurant and bar owners, voted to express their concern to the Mayor and demand an explanation. Unanimously.

We know very well what the young mayor is doing. He is learning at the feet of the Prince, Herr Smith. Obfuscate and create an ambiguous committee. If the committee actually seems to be getting traction, take their mandate away then humiliate and neuter them. Publicly.

Looks like the derailment is progressing well, irrespective of what the Committee says or does.

We hate any change in the Historic Core. So bully to you Josh!

And your scheming mentor, Herr Smith, the Prince.

King of George


  1. Yes, I completely agree.

    Rumor is Jane Lawrence is secretly doing it.

  2. Typical self centered egotistical comments

    Cohen betrays an entire citizens committee and all the children can talk about is their own petty squabbles.

    Annapolis deserves the crap served up by Smith & Cohen.

  3. It truly is amazing what Smith has done in a short period of time. Destroyed the compact between the people and the government. He must go!

  4. Truer words were never spoken. It's all Ellens fault.

    Even though she is 1,000 miles away and has been gone for 6 months.

    But - off with her head!

    Smith and Cohen have done nothing. Nothing in the last 6 months.

  5. Cohen is letting Smith be the fall guy to protect his political future. Remember, Smith is NOT an employee of the City, he is a "consultant" hired by the Mayor's office and was NOT approved by the Council.

  6. Regardless let us do all to promote midday naps and less noisy and noxious business so we can have our town back. If someone would muffle those start guns from the sailboats races that would be a step in the right direction.

  7. Methinks the king has no clothes...

  8. Moyer's Destroyers - How fit.

  9. Smith & Cohen blew it on collecting funds from the MTA & FEMA and now Annapolitans get to pay re.

  10. Yeah, well wait until Ellen comes back to town in a week or two. She'll straighten things out and knock some heads together and pull the City Council together for some common sense action.

    She after all needs to protect her AA+ bond rating legacy.

  11. Dearest Readers:

    A fine day for the King, yes indeed. Over 400 plus page impressions with breaking news.

    And I agree with ALL my posters. Yes, Ellen Moyer is responsible for all evil in the world, yet she is responsible for nothing. Smith & Cohen blew it while doing a good job. And post cards are bad, bad, bad!

    Have I straddled all fences?

    King of George

  12. Jane:

    Your ADD is showing again. Your childish attempt to shut down other people's blogs is also transparent.

    You need help. You have become a danger to yourself.

    Roger Livingston

  13. Imagine if Louise Hammond & friends had not meddled in the Dean and Deluca lease and killed the deal and the Markethouse went on to be a success.

    Imagine what Annapolis would be like if all those selfish busybodies downtown left things alone and didn't use the gov't bureaucracy to protect weak business attack others and cause the City to empty out.

    Imagine if the vigilante Eastport Gunfire group actually wanted to be neighbors with the public housing residents and didn't just want to get rid of them and send them packing or build higher fences with brighter lights.

  14. Dear above Anonymous Poster - Why don't you identify yourself if you are so proud of all your hard work ? You seem to undermine your own argument by remaining a mystery.

    P.S. - It is sad the APS blog has given away aggregated eyeballs to elitists like King of George. I wonder why more wack jobs don''t post here ?

  15. Help us rid Annapolis of the bad elements and join us in our quest for all that is right!

  16. It is time to remove Cohen from office. He has no focus, he can not stay on task, he has not completed his Master's program at UB, he flunked out of St John's college. He is a baby-faced boy unable to think for himself, he uses committees to hide his weaknesses.

    Cohen is nothing more than a mascot, like the Navy Goat !!! He deserves NO salary. His blog is inactive. He tells us nothing anymore--perhaps he has only the aptitude to run snow removal.

  17. Yes the Tea Party rules and will take down all incumbents this fall who spend the People's money foolishly !

  18. Dearest Readers:

    I love tea, yet my heart drifts to the punch bowl at meetings of the Tuesday Club.

    King of George