Saturday, April 3, 2010

Of Money, Epsom and Annapolis

Dearest Friends:

It is Spring in the Ancient Citte and an old man turns to his passion. Horse flesh.

My thoughts today take me to the Derby in dear Epsom. If you have never seen it run, I highly recommend it. The track is really not a track at all. Rather a merry romp through the village on the majestic beasts. And, of course, the Royals are always in attendance.

Here in the Ancient Citte we have many horse flesh admirers as well. The Moyers are well known afficiandos. Both Pip and Ellen along with sons Mike and Steve.

Less well known is a rumor swirling through the Historic Core about our Finance Director, Mr. Timothy Elliot. According to this back fence talk he too fancies himself to be quite the judge of horse flesh. So much so that he seems to rather enjoy many wagers on the animals.

If true, I rather like the idea that our finances are in the hands of a man who cannot keep himself away from the track. It seems quite appropriate, really, given the so-called shortfalls in the budget he keeps exposing. Two similar games of chance. One played with public monies. And the other?

So, bully I say. Let's all proceed to the track - or City Hall - and place a wager or two or three.

The outcomes of which are equally in doubt.

King of George


  1. Yes, It is time for an independent audit of the City Budget with funny numbers flying $12,100,000 in the hole 6 mil, 3 mil, 4.5mil - 2.5 ? Which is it and what is included on the revenue side or not ?

    It is all very confusing and let us hope gaming the system is not in the cards.

  2. There's nothing confusing about it; just get yourself a copy of the budget. Numbers don't lie. The city has been massively overspending for years. Moyer would have been $5,000,000 in the hole last year, if it weren't for improperly borrowing that money from the long-term capital budget to pay short term bills. But 2009 was an election year, so it was necessary for her to lie about the budget situation. The question you should be asking is why this was all concealed until after the election.

  3. One doesn't lie alone in a City this size- where was her Finance Department in all of this ? It is time to clean house & perform and independent audit top to bottom by an unbiased source to get to the bottom of all of this.

  4. Friends:

    Our crack accounting team in City Hall clearly does not need oversight. With oversight, Herr Smith might not be able to re-run the budget daily to serve whatever the political need of the moment.

    Bully for flexibility in finances!

    Further, I really don't mind the 'holes' in budgets, whether Herr Smith's or Ms. Moyer's. As long as they filled with someone else's money.

    My cash rather likes resting in the vault in Anguilla.

    King of George

  5. king

    what have to done for the people with your rich lifestyle and the propping up of dr smith

    are you stealing money from the people to support your wealthy life

  6. King of George needs to be investigated by the local governing authorities and brought to justice for being a Master Violator and trasher of Annapolis rare cultural artifacts -- that is if he be who I think he be.

  7. Do any of you intend to make Mayor Cohen responsible for cleaning up Moyer's mess? Or, do you intend to persist with this juvinile and obvious effort to blame Smith while giving Cohen a pass for the unpleasant part of fixing Moyer's fiscal mess.

    This attack on Smith is so obviously the work of Weikels sick little mind.

    As for Jazzy, tell "your people" welcome to the real world, where you aren't guaranteed a job, must actually do something to get paid, don't have benefits and pensions, and don't have a salary 30% above what people get paid in the private sector. You've all been so spoiled by Moyer's complete lack of respect for other people's money.

  8. Who let the fellow in here who can't spell "juvenile" ? King of George old boy can't you keep out the riff raff, uneducated & seemingly racist commoners ?

    Please police your blog.

  9. I like the ponies too! Let's all go to the track and try and gain back Moyer's losses with the City Finance Department!

  10. Fellow Correspondents:

    There should always be room for some loafers and do-nothings in the Ancient Citte. In fact, we need more, not less, of them.

    Just make sure your net worth is high enough to support yourself, your servants and your lifestyle in the Historic Core.

    Otherwise please go to Eastport.

    King of George

  11. Fine Fellows:

    Yes, Ms. Moyer has a poor track record with her ponies. The last race her horse ran that I attended was at Laurel (egads, how bourgeois). And the beast only showed. Showed!

    Furthermore, I am not against wagering with our Citte funds. More fun that the police cordon we are paying for for Herr Smith.

    King of George

  12. Jazzy here

    tomorrow we morn the loss of Dr. King april 4 1968 assassinated in memphis

    annapolitans need to stop proping up people like king of george and smith

    for Dr. King

  13. Spelling = racism
    The City not spending money it doesn't have also = racism.

    Is there anything you folks don't evaluate in terms of race?

    And Jazzy, why do you find no responsibility in Mayor Cohen? He hired and approves EVERYTHING done my Mr. Smith. Your own partisan and subsequent pathetic attempt to avoid debate by smearing people with racism would make Dr. King question the content of your character.

  14. Fine Friends:

    It is a burden being a Historic. My superior breeding and lack of animus towards others requires me to accept even Eastporters. Though this social intercourse consists of the direction for my yacht's maintenance.

    Mr. Jazzy is correct to remind us all of our burden to have civilized intercourse. Dr. Matin Luther King Jr. would have expected it as well. Therefore, it is so appropriate we remember his untimely death on this Easter morn.

    Off to my pew in St. Anne's now.

    Happy Easter.

    King of George

  15. Mayor Cohen is a stand in for our Hammondite conservative forces in Annapolis and has proven to be an effective Manchurian candidate - Score one for us and our Trojan Horse strategy. The Democrats forgot Josh grew up in Murray Hill and is one of us - always will be...

    Now that we are inside of the walls and placed our people in strategic locations and have control over City Hall with our armed guards -- We shall decide for the duration and the Moyerites can do nothing about it for a very long time.

    Not to worry they will wither away in due time as they shall starve in the fields despite the verbal abuse we must suffer form time to time. Ellen Moyer won't even show her face back in town so roundly have we turned them out!

    The olde Chancellor of the Exchequer and his love of the ponies is a leftover from the racy Moyer years and their love of gambling. He shall not last very long as the purge shall continue.

    Bully for our people!

  16. Dear Ward:

    Yes, you speak the truth this beautiful Easter Day.

    Up for brandies by the fire at Dear Harvey's later sir?

    Horrah for the Core!

    King of George

  17. Yes, A toast to our mutual beneficence, right thinking and all round good taste on this fine spring day. Our reward is just for all the years work we have done in ridding ourselves of those "rouge de cou" from over the bridge.

    I hear the former Mayor is holed up out West somewhere spitting off intemperate e-mails and giving rabbit punches to our man Mr. Smith as he prunes her "legacy".

    Hilarious I say, n'est ce pas?

  18. Yes Sir:

    Let's have a toast tonight around the primordial fire. To Herr Smith and his cadre that will deliver us. I cannot remember the prayer - is from or to evil?

    King of George