Tuesday, April 6, 2010

From La Nap to La Cap


Fantastisch nachrichten!

Dear Aunt Freddy called from Kulmbach this morgen. They have reserved their spring suite of rooms at the Eden Roc at Cap D'Antibes. If you know meine House of Hohenzollern Aunt, then you know what this means.

We're fueling the G5 as I speak!

Yet in passing through the aircraft prive centre BWI, I noticed Herr Smith is indulging himself as well. As a Revel Street dweller his opportunities to swim at the Cap are very limited.

Actually non existent.

Nevertheless he continues his toil to make our citte even more exclusive.

He has dropped $250,000 in annual Water Way Improvement grants from the city budget. These are funds that allow boaters to frequent the waters surrounding the Core without City of Annapolis tax payer subsidy.

Cash from the Feds. Without Annapolitans coughing up a cent.

So cutting this grant from the budget means less boaters. And less annoyance to me.

In Ward One.

Bully I say! Those 'qui parle Le Francais du Quebec' north of our borders should not be allowed to moor their tubs within 10,000 yards (not metres) of my simple abode. Even if they have remained loyal to the HRH The Crown.

The pilot is signaling me. One stop in Gander Newfoundland and then ... Aunt Freddy and the Cap.

I will have sporadic email en route et en France. Keep the faith my Historics.

Le jouet est fait!

King of George


  1. Damn. The King busts another one open.

    There's a rumour that Josh feels trapped by Smith and he is feeding this stuff to the King.

    Too much detail to be untrue.

  2. Friends:

    Just landed Gander safely. The King has your backs.

    King of George

    NB - The price of Av Gas is too high in Canada! CN$ 1.75 / litre.

  3. It's clear that Mayor Cohen is being held hostage.

    Cohen is blameless in all of this. We hear that Smith is going to declare martial law and Cohen will be exiled to Hillsmere.

    I hear someone coming!!! There are steps outside!!! It's Smith!!! I need to put my foil hat on and hide under porch. I need to get back to the mothership!!! Somebody needs to release the picture of Cohen ducktapped to his chair in the Mayor's office!!!

  4. King of George - Have a good trip and don't hurry back.

  5. Mes Amis:

    The weather has been a bit uncooperative as rain has descended on the Cote D'Azur. Nevertheless, it is forecast to improve by the time of our polo match this Saturday against those ruffians from Monaco.

    I certainly am in little hurry to return to our citte.

    King of George

  6. More incoming revenue down the drain like the FEMA snow monies oversight ? How did Ellen Moyer keep an AA+ bond rating ? Who helped her hide the deficit ?

  7. The AA+ bond rating is in response to Moyer's willingness to substantially increase taxes. It is not evidence of effective and efficient spending.

    Moyer hid the deficit by inappropriately taking $5 million from the capital budget and using it in the operating budget - which is pretty much like taking a 30 year loan to pay your electric bill - which is financial mismanagement and insanity.

    Then there's also the millions she raided from the reserve funds which she allowed to fall drastically below acceptable levels.

    When Cohen said Moyer had left him a financial train wreck, he was being generous. What Moyer did was misfeasance at best and malfeasance at worst.

  8. She must have had help.

  9. She had four other Dem votes on the City Council - Hoyle, Finlayson, Isreal, Shropshire.

    Go back and look at who voted FOR the Budget, and you'll find who helped create the train wreck.

  10. Now, Eye on Annapolis says that the City must borrow money to meet payroll. The depth of Moyer's financial malfeasance continues to be uncovered.

    At the end of her term she's spending $75,000 on sea level studies; $15,000 on "Green" magazines (saying what a wonderful person Moyer is), and as a final insult, she wants to extend the severence pay to 6 months for the very people who participated with her in destroying the City financially.

    Moyer apparently saw no need to be responsible with how she spent other people's money.

  11. Did the City Finance Department know ?

  12. Moyer had final responsibility. Plus, the Finance Dept. wouldn't necessarily know about money Moyer had spent (wasted) until after it was spent.

    The money Moyer spent on that Czech Republic to compete for some worthless environmental award looks even more abusrd now that the City must borrow money to make payroll.

    Magazines, Annapolis 300 medals, trips, consultants, city bicycle valet parking managers, $5,000,000 blown on the Market House - it just goes on and on. And, now the City needs to borrow money to keep the lights on. Moyer's fiscal irresponsiblity will be legendary in City history.

  13. When will the County pay their 3 million dollar sewer bill they owe Annapolis ?

  14. Maybe they'll pay that after they give Maxwell his 8% raise, and pay him the quarter million dollars for his unused sick days.

    Having one government entity pay another really doesn't help the person who pays it all in the end, which is the taxpayer. I don't know about you, but I pay County, as well as City taxes.

    What you need to do is get focused on the fact that our government officials, like Moyer, have been completely out of control with respect to spending.

    When Cohen deals with the unions, he's got to put a stop to the insanity of the kind absurd stuff that's in Maxwell's contract. Paying people for sick days is shocking. It's time the government get back to reality, instead of living in this fantasy world, where they just tax us more, rather than sacrificing in the tough times like the rest of us.

  15. Maybe if the City wasn't paying Danielle Matland for 4 months to do nothing, they wouldn't be out of money right now.

  16. I like to pay high taxes because I work for the government and I like to give back...

  17. What do you give back? I love how many government workers act like they're performing some sort of charity work. The reality is that government workers are now paid 30% more than the private sector, also with benefits that are 4 TIMES what the average private sector worker gets.

    This idea that it's public "service" and government workers are making some sort of "sacrifice" simply isn't true.

  18. 6:43 Anon

    Why do you feel that you should "give back" to the gov't. How about we just efficiently pay for reasonable services. You make it sound like the gov't is some sort of charity that we should all donate money to.

    From what I can see, Annap City gov't is an incompetent irresponsible entity that should be cut off as much as possible from getting more money.

  19. Dear Fellows:

    There is nothing wrong with borrowing, as long as it is from my friends at Rothschild. And insider financial malfeasence is a virtue, not a fault.

    In Annapolis, it is in our genes.

    Herr Smith knows this.

    King of George

  20. It's all Moyer's fault. Smith is a certified business manager of sorts and knows what he is doing - just ask Cohen.

  21. Dearest Reader:

    Our citte survives on special deals and elitism. Herr Smith knows and respects this.

    Ms. Moyer - about the best that can be said is that she lives on Back Creek. Further away from us in the Historic Core.

    King of George

  22. The "Herr" Smith thing isn't even funny, especially with a Jew as Mayor. Try and grow up a little.

    If you were on here with Herr Obama, the indignation would be deafening. Only the incredible hypocricy of the Dems allows you to get away with in regarding Smith.

    The posters who identify Moyer's responsibility in all this are right on the money (no pun intended). You're lucky that someone with Smith's experience is in there to clean up her mess.

  23. Yes, We are lucky to have Doug Smith and the fiscal responsibility he brings to the Mayor's office along with his extensive resume.

    It's all Moyer's fault and the sooner you realize it the better off you will be.

  24. Fault isn't as important as the fix. But, it's important not to be delusional about how this got created. It was 8 years of Moyer and a complete disrespect for the taxpayer.

  25. Speaking of Smith's resume....has anyone (oh I dunno say The Capital) ever bothered to look into that?

    I suspect that it may have been shall we say padded.

    And he may be qualified just as the burger flipper at McDonald's is qualified. But neither are qualified in MUNICIPAL MANAGEMENT!

    Does anyone find it odd that Mr. Smith lists his employer as The Minor Group---one of the major beneficiaries of the Moyer generosity?

  26. Moyer's resume:

    - Girl scout leader
    - MSTA lobbiest

    Cohen's resume is equally unimpressive, but you all want to question Smith's??

    Moyer and Cohen have absolutely no experience and perhaps no understanding of real world economics or finance. That's why this City is in the mess it's in

    Personally, I'm sick of the professional politicans screwing things up. It's good Smith is there with some actual experience in resoving financial problems.

  27. King,
    Next time perhaps you should take the autogyro you travel overseas.

  28. I agree Smith is definitely a breath of fresh air and we need him to further cut back the parasitic leech of government feeding upon the body politic of all Annapolis. Things must be bad if they have to go to the bond market just to meet payroll.

    More cuts are needed in government to get them off the backs of the people. We are just beginning to breath and there is an insidious move afoot to get rid of Smith by those who don't want change and who want to continue the gravy train of the Moyer years opening up another vein to teh taxpayers.

    We shall gave our Tea Party yet.

    When shall the King of George return to us from the Lower Antibes, Riviera or wherever he went with his Great Aunt on spring vacation?

    We miss him and his great clarity on the issues.

  29. Fellows:

    It bedevils me to see such robust debate. It is fine, to a point.

    Nevertheless, the King does not endorse transparency or clarity on the issues. Decisions should be made and the cake be cut in smoke filled back rooms of the correct social classes.

    Just ask Herr Smith.

    King of George