Friday, April 16, 2010

Levitating Burglar to Return?

Fellow Historics:

About two years ago when our dear friend Herr Smith was running the Ward One Resident's Association he was aghast at what he saw. A citte run amok. Unable to protect the most vulnerable of citizens.

The rich and elite.

This was the result of unfilled positions in the police department. Many, many, many of them.

Almost 6.

119 officers on the beat of 125 authorized.

It got so bad that downtown residents had to team up with a cadre of Eastport ruffians called 'Stop the Gunfire' (you know its bad when we even acknowledge Eastport's existence). They claimed to 'live in fear'. (On this side of the Creek we certainly did -- of them.)

Why, Herr Smith even was a victim himself. Filing a police report of a purported robbery in his own home. Where the perpetrator scaled a 15 foot outside wall. Opened a side window. And entered the house. All while suspended in mid-air without physical support.

Amazing, these Annapolitan criminals.

Today I am happy to report that Chief Pristoop has declared our citte safe again! So safe that instead of filling unfilled positions, he is now eliminating them. 14 in fact. With no increase in crime.

That is wonderful news. We hope Herr Smith will join us in rejoicing. The horrible crime problem from under staffing that existed under Mayor Moyer now has vanished under Mayor Cohen.

Into thin air.


Just by eliminating the positions instead of trying to fill them.

Herr Smith has been notably quiet on the reduction in police positions given his cater walling of two years ago. Of course, perhaps it is because he and Mayor Cohen feel safe in their cocoon of special police protection.

But beware. Herr Smith's nemesis, the levitating burglar, may be back.

In his mind.

King of George


  1. jazzy here

    there are too many police in my community i am glad they are going away

  2. And Cohen and Smith no longer have a police detail. These positions were already unfilled correct?

  3. What is the crime rate in public housing ?

    Eastport Gunfire wanted to protect public housing residents?

    Not likely...

  4. It's a good thing that Josh did not lay off the firefighters. I shudder to think what could have happened today with this wind!

  5. Dear Readers:

    Croquet all day!

    Et des nouvelles fantastiques. St Jean est gagner!

    Back to the point. I have always supported secret societies (being a member myself). So I have support the 'Stop the Gunfire' and the 'Doug Smith is NOT a Wack Job' groups. No by laws, no announced meetings, no elected officers and no accountability.

    The way it is supposed to be! Yahoo!

    King of George

    PS - But please. Could you move west of the bridge for your witch hunts?

  6. Pluralistic democracy is inconvenient and I am so glad it is not an issue...

  7. The Gunfire group accomplished more for the community in 6 months without spending a dime than Moyer did in 8 years spending millions.

  8. Friends and Readers:

    It was truly a glorious day for the croquet. Good fellows having stout refreshments.


    Yet one good day does not an administration make. Herr Smith was notability absence this afternoon.


    Je ne sais quoi. Perhaps M. Smith perhaps was kow towing to Wards 3,4 & 6?

    Let's hope not.

    King of George

  9. Dear Readers:

    Yes, the 'Stop the Gunfire' cadres accomplished so much.

    Fear. Hatred. And class intimadation.


    I support that.

    King of George

  10. I cannot believe that Doug Smith has been filing false police reports!!!

    He mus be fired.

  11. Look, be real.

    Stop the Gunfire are just a bunch of Eastport racists. Period.

    They want to drive blacks from the city to increase their property values. It is all about money.

    They should just acknowledge their agenda.

  12. Back off dudes.

    We need peace here!!!

  13. Historics:

    This is not a blog intended for all of us in the citte. It is for us, in the Core.

    So, please refrain from commenting on anything less than classist.

    I will (not) do that.

    King of George

  14. Dearest Reader:

    I completely understand your frustration with the King. I frustrate me too.

    No worries.

    We will soon surrender the rest of you to the County. Soon, my lovlies. Soon.

    King of George

  15. King of George you are out of line.

    The stop the gunfire group was in the best tradition of AMERICANS! We want to be free of the black racists who intimadate us.

    STAND CLEAR. Let us thru.

    There will be a new age and time in Annapolis.

  16. it is clear Smith hates the black community Becuase he does not know it

    can he know it? or must we fire him?

  17. Annapolitans must unite: RECALL JOSH!

  18. It is a good thing Mr. Smith joined arms across the Creek with the Gunfire Group to make Annapolis a safer place. Perhaps this explains his current security cordon thrown up around City Hall. The Moyer thugs are resentful of his effectiveness and resentful of being thrown out in the cold.

    It will be a long 4 years for them & they will eventually get tired og complaining while no one listens and they will go away.

    Have patience.

    Let's hope Josh's candidates get elected this fall and throw the good old boy network out on their ears.

  19. Yes there is no racism in Annapolis. It is a happy city where the African Americans just happen to want to live in fenced in compounds at the edge of the city with one way in and one way out.

  20. Dearest Readers:

    Because dear Jazzy speaks of race does not mean that he is racist. And I do not know Herr Smith's heart on this issue.

    But I do know he is a champion of us, the elite, in the Historic Core. So I say bully to that!

    Neither do I have a job nor do I pay taxes. My attorneys, trustees and accountants see to that.

    It is very bourgeois of you to insist that I do. Please keep your quaint ideas in Eastport, thank you.

    King of George

    Perhaps this energy is all misplaced

  21. Jazzy's comments are racist on the face of it. Jazzy knows nothing of Doug Smith's motivations. Jazzy's contention that Smith hates blacks is completely unsupported, libelous and consistent with many other racist statements Jazzy has made. Jazzy doesn't speak of racism; Jazzy practices racism.

  22. Dearest Anon:

    Jazzy apparently believes Herr Smith is racially chanllenged in his world view. Why do you know he is wrong?

    Of course, I disagree with that. Herr Smith is too much of an elitist poseur to be an overt racist.

    One must never sully one's hands.

    I'd suggest you stay on your side of the bridge and continue your scheming with your Eastport ruffians.

    Bon chance.

    King of George

  23. A statement like "Smith hates blacks" is fundamentally racist in the complete absence of any evidence.

    King George's suggestion that such a statement is ok unless you can prove Jazzy wrong is ludicrous. Get real people. Black on white racism is just as unacceptable as white on black racism.

  24. You are a racist yourself. Jazzy said Smith doesn't like blacks. We all know that. Why don't you?

  25. Because I'm not a racist, a child or an idiot.

    Wasn't it King who said, "it's the content of someone's character, not the color of their skin..."

    We all know that. Why don't you?

  26. You are posting on this blog. That makes you an idiot.

    Get a job and leave us all alone with your race baiting!

  27. Sorry, I guess I didn't see the notice that said this blog was for children 5 and under. I'll post elsewhere; you obviously don't want anyone to interfere with the racism and slander that is at the core of your inability to debate the issues.

  28. Dearest Readers:

    Let me be quite clear. We are not here to debate. Anything. Especially issues.

    If you would like to do that most common of activities, then I would suggest you take it to EYE or APS or CP. Even M. Marquart might let you correspond with the masses. I understand they even encourage such droll activities.

    This blog is by and for us, the elite, of the Historic Core. Unless you fall into that category, then you should move on.

    Nothing to see here.

    King of George

  29. Please leave us alone, that is all we ask. Do we really need the rest of the Wards and all those problems of the riff raff? Let the County have them as well as the Fire and Police departments.