Monday, April 26, 2010

More Secrets, Less Democracy. Please!

Fellow Elite:

I need to make this clear. I fully support secret societies and groups. Like John Francis (Jack) Donaghy, I am an active member of a number of them. (If I told you who they were then they would no longer be secret, would they?)

So when I heard of CAO Doug Smith's association with the 'Stop the Gunfire' Group in Eastport I was initially encouraged.

This group had a quest to purify Eastport of crime (more specifically, the Ward 6 Eastport part of public housing). They went to extremes. Holding unannounced organizational meetings. No public election of officers. No charter or by-laws. And public forums that usually consisted of one or two associates talking over and down to others. About as transparent as Mississippi mud.

Bully for them!

Herr Smith was a enthusiastic participant in this cabal. Attending most of their meetings and attempting to organize 'outrage' in Ward One along the lines of what purportedly existed in Eastport. He even was a supposed victim of crime himself (see: Levitating Burglar to Return? , 14 April).

Yet there was a problem. And it isn't an issue of 'were they effective or ineffective' in achieving their goals. After all, even that noted communal democrat (small 'd') Tom Jefferson made the stage coaches run on time.

It's a questions of their means to an end.

They invited the rabble into their tent -- but, of course, not let them have a leadership voice in the group, vote, stand for election as an officer, write by-laws, etc...

Upon further reflection, I am now quite concerned about Herr Smith's participation. After all, as CAO he must represent only the needs of us, the elite of the Historic Core. Yet by tying up with this group of Eastporters he has shown his willingness to take any means to an end. Even dealing with the rabble beyond the creek.

It's a dangerous precedent to set, dealing with Eastporters. Even if they do run an opaque organization whose ultimate aims are unclear.

We have enough opaque organizations on this side of the creek that are, more appropriately, run by us, the elite of Historic Core.

Come home Doug.

King of George


  1. Leave Doug alone! He can conduct his own witch hunts quite well without your help.

  2. King---what does thou think of the slander wielded against Chuck Weikel via The Capital in yesterday's paper and the continuance of such by Paul Foer on his radio program this morning.

    And dost thou have an opinion on said Foer's lambasting of Zina Pierre on the same radio program?

  3. Dearest Anon:

    That dastardly Mr. Weikel! He seems bent to thwart the agenda of the elite of the Core. Just because he has a claim to Boat School fame is no reason we should allow him in our gentle company. Who gave him so much power anyway, the People and The Capital?

    Democracy is so over rated.

    Yes, on occasion I have heard of M. Foyer as well. He is the one who sues his neighbors over fence lines on Boucher, n'est-ce pas?

    I don't know why anyone would want to engage in that exercise anyway since no one of any stature wants Eastport anyway.

    King of George

  4. Foer is so funny! He rants and raves and somehow thinks people take him seriously. But he is nothing but a serious joke. But damn funny to laugh at -- in spite of himself.

    He has probably done more to empower Weikel and Zina that any other single person. If you are mad at the perceived power they have then blame Foer.

  5. Smith was sacrificed tonight.

  6. Dearest Readers:

    it is a sad moment when we take to human sacrifice in the Ancient Citte. We wish Doug Smith all the best.

    King of George

  7. Cut the government - it is too fat. What's the average government wage in Annapolis - 70 or 80K with a pension, lots of vacation and every day off you can imagine - come in late leave early ?

    Government is an overhead expense that must be trimmed.