Monday, April 26, 2010


Dearest Readers:

As predicted here, today former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer has returned to the Ancient Citte. This monumental event occurred after her 6 month post-election banishment.

Due to general political tensions, her arrival was unheralded except for a close coterie of supporters, family and friends. We expect little to heard from her initially as she re-establishes her political roots which have been dormant all winter.

In Annapolis, April 27th. shall forever now be known as "Annapolis Liberation Day". It was a most dramatic scene that we expect future Annapolitans will fondly remember and re-enact for generations.

Ms. Moyer is to make her first public appearance at this week's Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Dinner. She is expected to be seen with Governor Martin O'Malley and survey the political carnage created by others in her wake.

The capitol for her political travails will be Eastern Avenue in Eastport. To keep extremist political riff raff at bay her consort, Mr. Dale Maddox, has already been sighted toting a blunderbuss to the parapets of the structure.

From there, we expect her to retake the Ancient Citte in an olde fashioned Ward One street fight. Ward by ward, street by street. We even understand some have already become secretly allied with her in exchange for support for future political aspirations.

This story is only beginning, so readers should standby for an interesting ride.

Le jouet est fait.

King of George

NB - To add injury to insult it appears Mayor Cohen & City Council last night definitively told CAO Doug Smith that his contract will not be extended beyond 30 June. We wish him all the best in his future political endeavours.


  1. So when can we expect Monsieur Mallinoff to assume the reins?

  2. LOL, that might just be enough to get Foyer to move!

  3. Dear King,

    Oh my!

    Ms. Moyer returns and our man Doug Smith goes... What happened???!!! I thought you had this all sewed up and our influence institutionalized while the right, good and deserving people were in control. This does not portend well for the petit-bourgoisie among us and surely our pockets will be picked clean by the rabble.
    It seems our new friend Eastport his Paper has it all wrong. The buffer states seem to be collapsing.

  4. Dearest Readers:

    Yes, indeed, it is a confusing day for all. It turns out the good are bad and the bad are good?

    No worries. The King is here to help us all understand these dramtic turn of events.

    King of George

  5. Did Moyer get rid of Smith?

    Won't Paul and Jane get mad ?

  6. They have been cowed by the democratic process at work. The crazy people will lose their voice in City Hall.

  7. Moyer is back and our champion budget cutter Smith is gone - typical!

    No progress.

    Now look for the Democrats to tax us and grow more government and take our money. What we need is an old fashioned Tea Party to throw all the pols in the Harbor.

    This Weikel fella is bad news for Annapolis.