Friday, July 30, 2010


Dearest Friends:

Citizen Ellen Moyer has just distributed an letter calling for 'One Annapolis'. A nice thought Ellen, but we must face a cold hard fact: there will never be 'One Annapolis' as long as there are other people besides myself.

This is a difficult time. There is a rift - a deep and enduring wound - among the people of this once great citte.

Yet I believe change is possible.

This road toward reconciliation will be long and difficult. The entire population of Annapolis cannot see eye-to-eye on the key issues. And that is what tears us asunder.

There are truly two Annapolis. I am the only person alive who is truly able to see things from my point of view. Thus, we have a long way to go before our beloved city becomes a place of Kings.

There are some who say I am not reflecting the best of what we have in Annapolis. I love Annapolis and cherish our unique way of life in the Ancient Citte. I have always believed there is room in Annapolis for everyone to think and act the same way I do. Every man, woman and child is free to be just like me.

One day, people will realize that fostering a citte view identical to my own is the most sensible course of action.

In the meantime, there are a terrifying number of opinions out there that are not mine. Many of them are held by people I haven't even met. Even more alarming, I would estimate that, on average, non-King Annapolitans probably share my specific perspective on fewer than 5 out of 10 issues.

For example, I have spoken to many who disagree that I be exempt from citte parking regulations. This is the height of narcissism. If they put themselves in my shoes for 3 seconds, then they would appreciate the value to privatizing a parking space directly in front of my home on King George Street. That would be reserved for my exclusive use 24/7.

But, alas, people are unable - or unwilling - to put aside their selfish motives and defer to mine.

There are 36,000 people in this citte who are not me. But deep down we all want the same things: the bridge the gaps that divide us and to live in peace and harmony.

It can happen. It's going to take some major concessions from everyone who isn't me. It is going to take everyone coming together and doing exactly what I want and when I want it.

Only then can we achieve Citizen Moyer's dream of 'One Annapolis'.

King of George

Friday, July 23, 2010

Josh's Kids vs. The Veteran

Fellow Historics:

As horse races go, it won't be a great one.

And the course, through County Council District Six, looks nothing like dear Epsom. With its frolicking horses near the village centre.

My favorite track.

Nevertheless, the race between Mayor Cohen's hand selected candidate Chris Trumbauer and the grizzled veteran Chuck Ferrar will certainly provide a modicum of entertainment. Through what appears to be a pretty hot & boring primary season.

Mr. Trumbauer was the Mayor's treasurer and is reputed to be an enviro. Little is know to have been actually accomplished by him in cleaning the Bay. Or anything else for that matter. But he looks the part.

Politics is 98% theatre, n'est-ce pas?

Backed by the duct-taped remains of Josh's campaign, including Kathy 'never lost a race until Zina' Nieberding and the young Mayor himself, Mr. Trumbauer's color glossies have already begun to hit mail boxes across the Historic Core.

So we expect a well worn play book to be repeated. Including voter ID, constant GOTV calls, timid door-to-door and yard sign deadlines.


Meanwhile Mayor Cohen has already tried some clumsy arm twisting on some of the Aldermen. Threatening, cajoling and trying to cut deals.

Hint to the Mayor: don't threaten someone unless you actually have the power to back it up.

In Lane Two, Mr. Ferrar is probably best known for being a purveyor of fine fermented and distilled spirits on Bay Ridge (or there abouts). He has street savvy that might do him well on the Council.

Mr. Ferrar already has lined up a diverse array of political supporters from Valerie Miller on the right to Michelle La Farge, Zina's Campaign Manager, on the left. In particular, African Americans are supportive of Mr. Ferrar. Including Zina Pierre herself and Carl Snowden.

In the middle somewhere is Citizen Moyer and her cohort of loyalists. Enraged by the sell out of environmental programs by young Mayor Cohen and the reputed enviro-hypocrisy of Mr. Trumbauer, they are quietly working for Mr. Ferrar. It does boggle one's mind: Miller, Moyer and Lafarge working for the same candidate.

Yet the young Mayor must surely know who is really on the ballot: he is.

By so actively supporting one candidate, Mayor Cohen has brought his own skin into the contest. This comes on the heels of the Mayor's perplexing very early public endorsement of Judd Legum for the House of Delegates. Before the primary, before the filing deadline. And before Mike Busch announced for re-election.

Now, by his own hand, he will further weaken himself, his Administration and Annapolis Democrats if Mr. Trumbauer loses.

Too bad. We would have wanted to blame another one on disgraced CAO Doug Smith.

Maybe next time.

King of George

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zina Speaks

Dearest Friends:

The king always has fear of Second Acts. Especially in politics.

Remember that dastard Corsican? First, we put him on Elbe. Then he escaped and raised a ruckus on the Continent. Finally, our dear cousin the Duke of Wellington had to put him down at Waterloo and he spent the rest of his years on St. Helena.

Egads! An awful lot of work to keep republicanism at bay.

Thus the first public uttering since the election from Ms. Zina Pierre have brought some appropriate attention from inside pol watchers in the Ancient Citte. She spoke at a GOTV rally for Chuck Ferrar, heir apparent to Josh Cohen on the County Council.

What she said couldn't be more telling.

You see she spoke of the disappointment in 'elected officials who don't keep their promises'. We wonder who that could be? And 'we will not be fooled again'.


Of course, Ms. Pierre soundly trounced Mayor Cohen in the primaries only to succumb to the attacks of hate bloggers and a newspaper only interested in their own community busting agenda (that they actually believe sells more papers). And then Mayor Cohen was selected, not elected, to replace her.

So, one wonders, on whom were these comments focused?

Mayor Cohen with Alderman Kirby (background)
Perfoming Lifeguard Duties at Harbor House Pool This Week

Also, this event was the political coming out party for Citizen Moyer. Fresh from her letter mailings across the citte. Acknowledged and warmly received by all, methinks she was encouraged to speak up more often and expand her activities.

Let us hope that we, the elite of the Historic Core, will not have to exile Ms. Pierre and Citizen Moyer to Poplar Island far in the middle of the Bay.

Otherwise they might win another election or two.

King of George

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Update

Dear Readers:

It's the doldrums of the summer in the Ancient Citte. Yet the citte seems anything but dull.

Yes, the news seems to keep coming. In spite of the King's efforts to drown it out by humming "Rule Britannia" constantly.

So, in a rare effort at public service, the King will provide an update and new news as it reaches his ears. Irregardless of his humming of his favorite music from the British imperial era:

Liar, Liar Pantaloons on Fire and Stanton Centre to be Privatized - The King has found that the effort to privatize the Stanton Centre did in fact originate with disgraced former CAO Doug Smith. In cahoots with Boys and Girls Club honcho Reggie Brody. Seems they have concocted a scheme to take over recreational activities at the Stanton Centre.

What is most surprising is that Mayor Cohen does not agree with their nefarious plan but, apparently, will not shut it down.

We also understand what Herr Smith has been telling the Mayor does not jibe with what he is telling others. He wants to kick the not-for-profits operating in the Centre out, telling the Director of one he has been cut off from City support of any kind.

His all mighty nefariousness at work!

All Herr Smith's noise probably does not make much difference anyway. Two members of the Council have privately announced their intention to go to war if the proposal goes any further.

Red, White and Green - After our post, senior Republicans have now threatened to cut off all monies flowing to one African American leader. And nobody's happy about that.

Sorry guys.

Alderman Paone Loses All Self Control - After Monday night's outburst, other members of the City Council are saying -- so what? As one member said, Ald. Furious Fred "always has someone to pick on at every meeting. So what's the big deal?"

Ho, hum. Nothing to see here. Another Republican meltdown.

Next appearence: a court room near you.

Where's Waldo - In keeping with the transformation of City Hall into the Fuhrer bunker, apparently the Cohen Administration has killed all flowers and has decided weeds to be the new city flora. Flower pots in front of City Hall are still dead and, right before the 4th, one city worker had had enough. She went out and pulled weeds around City Hall on her lunch hour.

She obviously hadn't gotten the memo. Weeds can be so beautiful.

Tragedy Strikes City Official - After the naming of Mr. Mallinoff as City Manager he has prudently submerged. To test depth we understand. Yet he is operating at 30 knots, albeit currently at R&R on China Beach.

Standby for Torpex.


Many of you still maintain an interest in this stuff regardless of the heat index. I'm so sorry for you.

I suggest a cold shower.

King of George

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Moyer Establishes Beachhead

Dearest Friends:

The long awaited amphibious assault by the crack Ellen Moyer Division has begun. See the scans above.

By her own hand these letters have begun to surface in mailboxes of Democratic activists and friends across the Ancient Citte. Facts that no one but the former Mayor could bring up.

The Capital, Eastporters and hate bloggers beware. Facts do prove out. Even Alderman Arnett now admits that there was no crisis and it was all made up (a.k.a. by non-politicians -- a lie).

Yet the King could not really care less who did what to whom and why. It's mid July. Aren't we allowed to have a little respite during our summer doldrums? We really don't need any more literary fisticuffs.

I'll wait for the movie version.

King of George

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liar, Liar Pantaloons on Fire

Dear Friends:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a small state of confusion from time to time. It reduces friction and gets us out of sticky situations.

Like the time I was held up by banditos in the Pampas. Suddenly I was a poor campesino. Yet even that didn't work out too well. Maybe it was my Andalusian accent. Or my Gucci loafers. ¿Quién sabe?

As reported here (Stanton Centre to be Privatized, July 12) there are confused stories circulating about changes a foot. So much so that they reached the ears of El Jefe Cohen yesterday. Seems more than one Alderman wants to know what he knows.

Apparently, the Mayor knows little or nothing about it. Mentioned some diffuse meeting to take place at the end of the month involving the Boys and Girls Club.

The problem for the young Mayor is that former Mayor Ellen Moyer says he called her in March. Subject: Sale of the Stanton Centre. Need to jettison city assets. Sell, baby sell!

And Citizen Moyer says she counseled 'no deal'.

Spoil sport!

So the young Mayor seems to have had full knowledge of the prospect then. Which he seems to now have forgotten?

Yet again, an issue re-emerges from beyond the grave. Perhaps being circulated behind the back of the Mayor by disgraced former CAO Doug Smith?

You see Herr Smith has been overheard complaining about the size of his new office. And the basketball court at the Stanton Centre would make a fine environment from which to read proclamations and threaten the jobs of remaining city workers. Draped in purple and secured by Swiss Guards with pikes it could be very regal throne for the Prince.

Of course, someone should radio the news to all concerned that we, the elite of the Historic Core, have already decided.

And we are the deciders.

Club Stanton is in the works. Cigar rooms, brandies, fine art and gastronomie fantastique!

This property's highest and best use.

King of George

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alderman Paone Loses All Self Control

Fellow Historics:

The King is a passionate man. When dear cousin Marie, wife of Louis, lost her head to the French mob in 1793, I was quite perturbed. Being young and imprudent, I actually yelled at my coach driver. Then took the lash to the scoundrel.

An appropriate next step.

So I completely understand when, after factual comments of Alderman Kirby on the final CCRABL committee report, Alderman Paone lost all composure last night. Demanded from the Mayor that Ald. Kirby be cut off. And acted generally immature. "Mr. Mayor! This is totally inappropriate!" he shouted.

I agree. Transparency and public knowledge of committee reports is so passe.

Pouring salt into the wound, Ald. Kirby mentioned the controversial 7-11 on West Street. He told dear Ald. Paone that some of his constituents would support the facility. Seems folks on Clay and Washington Streets would like to buy basic food at less than usury prices. Like bread, milk and soda.

Kind of like those of us in the Historic Core who demand a gourmand's establishment to purvey croissants, Camembert and fine French truffles.

Again, dear Ald. Fred lost it. Yelling at Ald. Kirby that he "didn't need him to tell him about his ward."

In his day job as a State's Attorney prosecutor he is often charged with prosecuting those from Ald. Kirby's own ward. Thus he needs to resort to unrestrained speech and emotion to make a point, get his way and convict. It is in his blood, his training, his penchant.

Makes one contemplate what goes on beyond the blind walls of justice at the courthouse. So watch out juries of Anne Arundel County. Furious Fred is on the war path!

Of course Alderman Paone is correct. He has a right to verbally pummel those of different wards, views and backgrounds who do not agree with him.

Damn it! He is an elected official and a State's Attorney prosecutor.

And the lash is not far behind.

King of George

Monday, July 12, 2010

Stanton Centre to be Privatized

The Reprised Stanton Centre - Après Privée

Dearest Friends:

The King has heard most excellent news today. The Stanton Centre is to be privatized.

Yes, the venerable Stanton Centre, named after that unruly Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, is to become private. A place that will exclude all of those who do not belong. A place for us, the elite of the Historic Core.

Bully I say!

It's about time that we have a truly private exclusive club for us within walking distance the Core. Where we can enjoy a fine glass of 1952 Oporto. Or partake in fine art and sample exquisite cuisine from the table d'hôte.

Just like I do when I am at the Lotos Club in Gotham.

It's unclear who would come up with such a fine plan. Methinks, perhaps, disgraced former CAO Doug Smith? If so, then young Mayor Cohen should be congratulated for listening to the wise counsel of his former colleague.

This could be enough to let Herr Smith back into our good graces.

Or at least our parlours.

King of George

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Red, White and Green

Fellow Historics:

What could be more American than money and politics?

Courtesy of my trust funds, I never have to worry about cash. My trustees make sure I am disbursed the appropriate amount to fund my consumption. Polo ponies and jet fuel included. Although I never use my monies for crass political purposes.

Others may not be so fortunate. A noted Republican and former State elected official is offering to spread money around. $12,000 in fact. Offered to leaders of the African American community. To help 'get out the vote' for Republicans in the fall.

Of course, Republicans have no intention to 'get out the vote' from African American precincts. They know what would happen if they actually did this: they would lose.

But they have every intention to suppress the Democrat's votes from African American precincts this fall. In other words, they pay for you to do nothing. Sit on your hands and not to vote. Along with your friends and family.

This may be a very good tactic for them. Mike Busch won D-30 in 2006 by 500 votes. Cutting back Democrat turnout in Wards 2,3,4 and 6 by 10% would be enough to do him in.

The Republicans have spreadsheets. And they know this.

Of course, dear Team Thirty has other issues as well. The lack of a whacked out right wing candidate to drain 2,000 votes off the Republican base, the Moyer machine mothballed, Cohen's lack of organization and horrible political decision making, lack of an African American on the ballot, the general disgust of Zina Pierre followers with the process, the diaspora in public housing that has created huge under registrations, a newspaper that has become openly supportive of all things Republican and a general anti-incumbent attitude. To name a few.


So what is a mere $12,000 dropped into the middle of this political miasma? Enough to turn the tide?

God Bless America!

What cannot be earned can sometimes be bought.

King of George

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Dear Citizens:

It's almost the long 4th weekend and... time for an amusing game of the Ancient Citte!

Which window pictured above belongs to Mayor Josh Cohen?

Yes, it appears the Furher Bunker is back. Albeit awash in Aubrey Bodine photos from The Annapolis Gallery. Paranoia still stalks the halls of the hall. At least in one person's mind.

And today is moving day. Former CAO Doug Smith is moving on and out of his office. Herr Smith was noted clutching his personal effects in a card board box as space was being made for Mr. Mallinoff's ascension to the throne. Too bad he wasn't given 5 minutes to move out like he gave the 33 public servants he fired.

And, other news continues to percolate. You see the infamous contracted pay-for-silence program has ended (see: Silence Can Be Golden, April 5th). Unafraid of having Herr Smith's contracted cash cut off, former senior city employees are now turning up spilling the beans.

And these beans could turn out to be quite dirty.

The King must remain mum at the moment. But re-read earlier posts. It's all already out there.

Happy Indepenednce Day to you ruffians. Although, as a loyalist, I won't be celebrating. God save the Queen.

And the King too.

King of George