Friday, July 23, 2010

Josh's Kids vs. The Veteran

Fellow Historics:

As horse races go, it won't be a great one.

And the course, through County Council District Six, looks nothing like dear Epsom. With its frolicking horses near the village centre.

My favorite track.

Nevertheless, the race between Mayor Cohen's hand selected candidate Chris Trumbauer and the grizzled veteran Chuck Ferrar will certainly provide a modicum of entertainment. Through what appears to be a pretty hot & boring primary season.

Mr. Trumbauer was the Mayor's treasurer and is reputed to be an enviro. Little is know to have been actually accomplished by him in cleaning the Bay. Or anything else for that matter. But he looks the part.

Politics is 98% theatre, n'est-ce pas?

Backed by the duct-taped remains of Josh's campaign, including Kathy 'never lost a race until Zina' Nieberding and the young Mayor himself, Mr. Trumbauer's color glossies have already begun to hit mail boxes across the Historic Core.

So we expect a well worn play book to be repeated. Including voter ID, constant GOTV calls, timid door-to-door and yard sign deadlines.


Meanwhile Mayor Cohen has already tried some clumsy arm twisting on some of the Aldermen. Threatening, cajoling and trying to cut deals.

Hint to the Mayor: don't threaten someone unless you actually have the power to back it up.

In Lane Two, Mr. Ferrar is probably best known for being a purveyor of fine fermented and distilled spirits on Bay Ridge (or there abouts). He has street savvy that might do him well on the Council.

Mr. Ferrar already has lined up a diverse array of political supporters from Valerie Miller on the right to Michelle La Farge, Zina's Campaign Manager, on the left. In particular, African Americans are supportive of Mr. Ferrar. Including Zina Pierre herself and Carl Snowden.

In the middle somewhere is Citizen Moyer and her cohort of loyalists. Enraged by the sell out of environmental programs by young Mayor Cohen and the reputed enviro-hypocrisy of Mr. Trumbauer, they are quietly working for Mr. Ferrar. It does boggle one's mind: Miller, Moyer and Lafarge working for the same candidate.

Yet the young Mayor must surely know who is really on the ballot: he is.

By so actively supporting one candidate, Mayor Cohen has brought his own skin into the contest. This comes on the heels of the Mayor's perplexing very early public endorsement of Judd Legum for the House of Delegates. Before the primary, before the filing deadline. And before Mike Busch announced for re-election.

Now, by his own hand, he will further weaken himself, his Administration and Annapolis Democrats if Mr. Trumbauer loses.

Too bad. We would have wanted to blame another one on disgraced CAO Doug Smith.

Maybe next time.

King of George


  1. Amazing! Traumbauer vs. Ferrar. Battle of the nit wits?

  2. More beer or seaweed ?

  3. Oh gracious -- A Liquor Store Owner for our County Council representative - how very primitive.

    ...and yet our Ward One Leadership proves cleverer by half once again by protecting us in the good part of the City.

    It is good to promote liquor business located in the County and effectively dump the urination & vomiting problems just over the City line.

    Bully for us and our quietude.

    We'll show Mr. Kirby who's on first come this Monday night.

  4. Smith cuts government.

  5. Long Live Smith! We may need him to pull out the axe again come Fall when most likely revenues will fall shorter than predicted. We are in the middle of a long recession.

  6. Ferrar already got more through the County Council in less that a year than Cohen & Samo did in the last 10. Cohen bolted once again for what at least appeared to be higher office and greener pastures and left Chuck to pick up the pieces. Chuck works well with the other council members from all around our diverse county -- folks who don't live on brick streets and catterwall incessantly about the historic nature of things. Chuck Ferrar is a small businessman who is grounded in what matters, getting the economy rolling. 'Cause guess what? If the economy doesn't come around, then there will be no money for the environment and our taxes are going up. Chuck understands that it isn't about constantly screaming "SAVE THE BAY". It's about balancing the budget, creating jobs, and dealing with pensions & health care costs that are rising like the thermometer outside.

  7. Neberding is not running Trumbauers campaign according to Foer.

  8. It seems the jobs Mr. Ferrar wants to promote future jobs for our children as croupiers, hostesses and valet parking attendants for Slots Parlors when they grow up -- instead of Environmentalists & Biologists. Maybe we could also have some slots out in Parole Towne Centre & the Mall.

  9. Yes we hate brick streets - why can't they be asphalt ? It would be a lot cheaper. The Bay is one festering toxic body of water - Can we drain it so its cleaner ? Yes, let's make Annapolis like Glen Burnie and get some things done.

    I am so glad to see they are widening Forest Drive again - we need more lanes to get to the Westfield Annapolis Mall, the Restaurant Park on Jennifer Road, Outer West Street, Annapolis Towne Centre, Annapolis Harbour Center and Route 2 & 50.

    We gonna have slots here soon or what ?

  10. Whiny environmentalists indeed always trying to tell people what to do with their property. If I want to make a dump that is my right.

  11. Widening Forest Drive will provide better access to future development at Spa Road behind those woods on the right going south with no pesky traffic studies to get in the way of progress. Glad the Republicans hold sway in the County and are getting things done like Parole.

    Annapolis the other hand is a lost cause with all those Democrats bickering and arguing over nonsense - better to stay in the County and leave Annapolis alone to its own demise, plus parking is free.

  12. How much money did Steve Carr pay you out of his slush fund for voter turnout in order for you to write this hit piece on Trumbauer?

    Ferrar is a Republican through and through. I just hope the Democrats are smart enough to realize it on primary day.

  13. Trum's going to win because the Environment and Growth have been out of control for years and the other guy is pro slots and part of the machine.

  14. Only the shadow knows ...

  15. Josh Cohen is irrational and will surely destroy this town. He wants to borrow 20 million and hire someone to create a new downtown. He out to just get the hell out of city hall and get a job elsewhere.,

    Recall Cohen !!!

  16. not to worry Annapolis is a wealthy town and can pay, pay, pay...

  17. How petty can you all be?

    You don't like Josh. Boo hoo

    So you act like a 9 year old and decide that you are going to hate all his friends as well?

    Real mature. Grow up.