Monday, September 27, 2010

Arnett to Secede. Kirby to Fight.

Dearest Readers:

The King has always been a fan of wacked-out politicos.  Like Texas' Governor Rick Perry.  Who threatened that his state would secede from the union.  And then do what I have no idea.

Now, one of our own Aldermen is threatening to secede from the Citte.  And another is threatening him.

Some background.  Mayor Cohen has Friday lunches for the Council.  They are held in different restaurants on different Fridays and are not publicly announced.  I suppose that makes them 'secret', right?

(How he gets this past the open meeting laws we don't quite know.  But, as readers are aware, the King is no fan of doing business in public anyway.  Smoke filled rooms are much more preferable.  So bully for the young Mayor!)

So far, these lunches have met with mixed success.  Often the Mayor ends up eating more crow than anything on the menu.  And often the Alderfolks go astray with threats and counter threats to each other and the Mayor.

Last Friday's was held at Castlebay and shows just how absurd these luncheons have become. 

Alderman Arnett, it seems, is miffed again at the Citte.  He threatened that if he did not get his way Eastport would secede.  (His motivation for this is clear: if Eastport pulled out it is the only plausible way the words "Mayor" and "Arnett" would ever lexographically marry.)

Yet, Alderman Arnett should have stated more accurately that his half of Eastport would secede.  Aldermen Pfeiffer and Kirby have the two pieces of the other half.  And Alderman Kirby at least would have none of it.

"We will send a boat with armed black men to prevent a secession.  Just like George Washington crossing the Delaware." he threatened.  "It's our home too."

So we will have an armed insurrection to prevent the secession of the elite-want-to-be's from across the Gulf of Annapolis?

I say, let them go.

In fact, encourage it.  The quicker they leave the better off we will all become.  The Historic Core shall regain its rightful place as the throne room of the citte.  And Alderman Kirby's militia is much better placed at the gates to the citte to keep the rabble out.

Of course, this makes us anticipate Friday's theatre of the absurd all the more. 

Maybe they will want to annex Arnold so Alderman Paone can get elected Mayor of something too.

King of George

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ms. Weinstein Responds. Ibid KOG.

Elite of the Core:

After the King spoke this week, a certain Candidate Weinstein had an issue with it. Apparently, she feels she is a KOG victim.  Even when he quotes her own website.  Where she hawks her services for accused sex offenders.

As she pleads on her Facebook page:

"Ok, so now some horrible things are being said about me. Please my style is not to hide behind a "fake" name (don't we have enough of that in our current government). If you have something that you would like to say about me or to me, have the courage to use your real name. I will be more than happy to address any concerns that you might have and/or to clarify any rumors."

First, dear Ms. Weinstein, I may be a fictional character but I am certainly not fake.  Because I only exist your mind does not make me in any way unreal. Just like Mr. Bumble from Oilver Twist. 

And there's a difference between 'fictional' and 'anonymus'.  I am not the product of any one person's views. Many compose my thoughts and beliefs and they belong to no one individual.  As discouraging a concept as that might be to you.

Second, whining does not become a wannabe elected official.  

People like their elected officials happy, gregarious.  Not flustered and angry. 

Didn't your Republican friends tell you that?  Oh, but that's right.  They all are pretty much whiny and angry on that side of the table.

Unfortunately for you, many of the posters on your Facebook page are in concord with the King.  Including one, a sitting County Councilman:

"Welcome to politics. Stop whining and hit back. Hard!" - Eddie Middlebrooks, Republican AA Councilman, District 2

"Ed with the words of wisdom" - Jim Braswell

"Charlotte, my friend, you need thicker skin if you are going to run for office." - Polly Peters


Maybe it would be easier for you to explain this website.  Where you and your campaign treasurer, one Thomas A. Pavlinic, Esq., brag about your courtroom victories for those accused of sex crimes.  There would be some real transparency.

So, good luck on your race.  But you might consider taking down that sex crime defense website.

King of George

(Eddie, would that be considered 'hitting back hard' ?)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crony Capital-ism

Fellow Historics:

The King believes in freedom of the press. Especially when that freedom allows reportage that distorts facts and damages individuals for my benefit.

But when it does not - then hades. Let's smash the presses!

So that is why we are so blessed to be in the Ancient Citte. We have team reportage that gets the story out about the down-trodden and victimized.

We, the elite of the Historic Core.

We must always remember that the individuals recruited to perform such tasks must never be held to the standards they inflict. Thus, when you read The Capital, please forget about their scofflaw & arrogant nature.

It just gets the way of the distortions.

So bully for these Capital reporter's on and off duty accomplishments! From the Maryland Judiciary Case Search and Orange County Florida iClerk:

Biggest Scofflaw - Erin Margaret Cox - For getting caught near the King's estate on Church Circle, 12 June 2009 with expired Florida plates on her Jeep.

Of course, the Maryland MVA requires an out of state vehicle to be registered within 60 days of moving into the State. And she left her job as an Orlando Sentinel reporter back in 2006 before the Sam Zell cutbacks.

So, was that 60 days or 60 months? Seems like the arresting officer may have forgotten a charge or two.

Oh, and didn't the young lass write about Zina Pierre's residency issues?

It also seems she has a need for speed. In Orlando, Ms. Cox had two speeding tickets. On both she elected to attend classes and pay a fine in lieu of points on her record.

Yet on one she was delinquent in paying the fine, had her drivers licence suspended and paid a late fee.

On the other there are still issues. By an mere oversight I am sure, it was left partially unpaid from 2006. On November 11 2009, the amount due was sent to collections. And she still hasn't paid.

Detect any patterns?

All this pretty much disqualifies her to run for any political office in the State of Maryland. But - good news - she can still write about it!

Most Lawsuits from a Story - Eric Hartley - For the damages claimed to local attorney Louis P. Tanko. Filed in Prince Georges County Court on April 16th, the liable lawsuit is ongoing. Summons issued to not only him but his employer, The Capital.

In 2005 - 2007, M. Hartley penned a number of articles that cast a negative light on Attorney Tanko. Were there enough non-facts among the aspersions for his liable suit to be filed?

We don't know. We'll just have to make a jaunt over to the PG County Courthouse and get a gander at the suit. Yum yum!

Best Inside Court Reporting - Scott M. Daugherty - It seems even the Capital's court reporter has some personal experience with the courts. On May 6th of last year he was charged with the heinous crime of operating a motor vehicle with a minor not wearing a seat belt. He pled guilty and walked away with a $25 fine.

We hope he steps up to a bigger, badder crime this year to add inside knowledge to his stories. Perhaps grand theft auto?

Of course, there are other issues that never end up in court. Like the conflicts of interest all over the editorial page. Tom Marquardt and his self serving rants. Gerald Fischman's role. And Paul Foer's racial and hate filled tirades (plus issues with the State Comptroller and civil lawsuits against his neighbors).

So let the bloodsport begin!

We've evened the playing field.

King of George

Sex Sells. Even to Annapolitans.

Dearest Readers:

The King is shocked. Shocked I say.

We write about Josh Cohen and you yawn. The Capital is mentioned and you nap. Even Herr Smith's pogroms of Moyerites are happily skipped over.

But mention a wanna be West County pol who has dealings with accused sex offenders?

Katie bar the door! Record hits and comments on KOG. Many from City Hall Annapolis and County Government servers.


It turns out our readers may be larger deviants than we originally thought.

King of George

NEXT KOG: Nude photos of Josh Cohen and Ellen Moyer!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Councilman Benoit Wimps Out

Gentle People:

You might not want to read this post. It contains content for mature audiences only.

You see the King has discovered that County Councilman Jamie Benoit is a wimp.

Albeit a decorated US Army American hero wimp. But a wimp just the same.

His Republican opponent in the County Council District 4 race, one Charlotte Weinstein, has a track record. A very interesting one in fact. She is an attorney who has been very successful at defending sex offenders. (And with success comes money, n'est-ce pas?)

Click here. (Better read this now before they 'scrub' the website.)

So, let's take a look at some of the cases she has claimed a hand in:

"Rape ... Not Guilty Jury Verdict"

"Child Molestation ... Not Guilty Jury Verdict, Other Charges Dismissed"

"Child Molestation ... Reduced to Misdemeanor"

"Third Degree Sexual Abuse ... Favorable Plea"

"Child Abuse ... Judgment of Acquittal"

Her own web based bio says:
"Charlotte Weinstein has devoted 90% of her practice to litigation in criminal and family law. Her combination of criminal and civil litigation experience has made her a particularly effective force in the defense of sex crimes and other criminal charges that typically involve family relationships." (Emphasis added.)

Yes, every criminal needs a defender. Even the vile and guilty ones. But does that mean these defenders should also get elected to the County Council?

It's too bad Councilman Benoit refuses to talk about the track record of his opponent. Voters have a right to know the records of their candidates.

Even candidates some believe have vile and guilty ones.

King of George

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And The Loser Is...

Dearest Friends:

The primary is over and the only undecided race is Trumbauer vs. Ferrar. A total of 65 votes separate the combatants with 195 absentees uncounted. So there is no declared winner.

Nevertheless, it is clear that there are already a number of declared losers. Quite a number in fact:

-- Mayor Josh Cohen - He took a position in this race for reasons no one really understands. To this day.

Confounding. Writing letters, pleading and threatening even Aldermen.

And then he compounded this mistake by bumbling attempts to cast Chuck Ferrar as a Democratic carpet bagger. This white wash of Chuck only brought more heat onto poor Chris' recent conversion into the Democratic Party's fold.

The last weeks of this Cohen mis-managed campaign led to foolish tricks with faked 'endorsement' photos and the plastering of abandoned buildings with Mr. Trumbauer's signs.

Sad really.

Even if Mr. Trumbauer wins after a recount, can this Mayor ever recover his dignity?

-- Kathy Nieberding - Her long trumpeted winning streak is over now for sure. True, Zina's campaign beat her last fall, but Josh's eventual victory was a fig leaf for her dignity. But now even that one last leaf is no more.

Many in the Democratic establishment are none too upset to see her cast out. Feeling betrayed by someone they once considered to be a idealistic friend and then turn out to be a political opportunist of the highest order.

-- Carl Snowden - Dear Carl will suffer only a minor inconvenience. It's completely clear that his support for Trumbauer was ordained by Attorney General Gansler, his boss and Josh's buddy.

But every African American precinct went Ferrar 60% to 40% (on average, please). His ability to represent that he can deliver the African American vote is shot.

-- Environmentalists - And not for the obvious reason. Their Trumbauer mindless endorsements pointed out how principle-less these groups have become. The Sierra Club and The League of Conservation Voters in particular. Piling into Mr. Trumbauer's bandwagon.

Mr. Trumbauer himself had a hand in the biggest environment sell out in this City and State's history this spring. When Mayor Cohen rolled back years of environmental progress with a single stroke of the budget pen. And Chris remained mum.

Oh, Mr. Trumbauer may yet lose too. Or perhaps it will be Mr. Ferrar. But they will both soon get over it.

King of George

Monday, September 13, 2010

Scofflaws for Trumbauer

Dearest Neighbors:

Desperation shows.

Uninhabited homes in the Historic Core are now showing up with Chris Trumbauer signs.

The specific home shown here has no residents living in it. Owned by people from outside the City who are running an illegal business out of it. It has been repeatedly cited by DNEP for City Code violations. And they are currently doing weekend work to their front porch without building permits or HPC approval (see the unpainted railing above).

Oh, but they support Chris Trumbauer.

Is there a quid-pro-quo here? Will DNEP and HPC lay off if they put up Trumbauer signs?

One disgruntled neighbor remarked to the King "You play by the rules and people like that are given a free pass by Josh Cohen for political reasons. If that house supports Trumbauer, then Ferrar's got my vote."


Trouble pour M. Trumbauer a demain?

King of George

Friday, September 10, 2010

Col. Kirby's Attack on Ward One

Dearest Residents:

Col Kenneth A. Kirby brought out the big guns last night. During a frontal assault on the Ward One Resident's Association.

You see, our habit downtown is to whine and complain. About everything. It distracts us from our real issues. Like our poor health. Or weakening emotional state. Or lack of rational thought.

Again last night, we whined and complained. This time about the Markethouse. We were excluded (meaning: our shadow government didn't get to choose).

Poor Aldermen Paone, Pfeiffer and Israel tried to make peace. But not Colonel Kirby.

The good Colonel would have none of it. He told Ward Oners it was not exclusively their choice. That the City Council made the decision. And they have their own disgraced Doug Smith looking out for their interests.

"You will need an Alderman to sponsor your legislation. And that Alderman will not be Alderman Kirby" he announced.

"And, if the legislation is introduced, then I will kill it in Council."


Snickers and general mirth was evident from his fellow Council members who witnessed his push-back of the Ward Oners. Alderman Paone was approached by one afterward and asked "Who was that? I'm never going to vote for him!"

Unfortunately, she won't have that privilege. Unless, of course, she moves into Harbor House.

Equally interesting was that the surface-skimming Capital reporter who witnessed it all went back and wrote nothing. Na-da. Apparently an Alderman from outside Ward One telling the self selected gentry what to do doesn't fit with their story line.

But, perhaps, Alderman Kirby will change that.

King of George

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moyer Destitute. Joins Distinguished Line of Former Mayors.

Fellow Historics:

I am happy to report that former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer has joined an illustrious tradition of former Mayors of the City of Annapolis: she's broke and desperate.

Yes, it appears Citizen Moyer is down on her luck. She was sighted over the long weekend serving lemonade to passers by at the First Sunday Festival on West Street. Rumor has it she would also squeegee your windshield for a quarter or clean your gutters for $5.

She joins a long line of former Mayors, including:

-- 'Dickie' Hillman - He is still seen in the Historic Core dressed as a colonial tour guide after his ouster by the Ehrlich Administration 6 years ago. Anyone know where the Hillman House is at?

-- Al Hopkins - Who kept a bench seat warm for almost a decade at Chick and Ruth's after his 8 years. He was rumoured to subsist on maple syrup spills and the crust of day old toast.

-- Dean Johnson - His peripatetic ways have made some believe he is homeless. Or maybe he just isn't allowed around the house anymore.

-- Roger 'Pip' Moyer - After being Mayor, he returned to Eastport and began an existence that he himself described as 'tribal' in his oral history. Sleeping all day and chopping wood.

Oh, those crazy Eastporters!

-- Gustav Akerman - A sad sad case. We don't need to speak of the details here.

The only Annapolis Mayors who have been known to make good were John Apostol, who purportedly saved all his kick-backs and now wisely lives out-of-state in Florida.

And my cherished friend old Mayor William Pinkney. Who was U.S. Attorney General, 1811-14 for President Madison and resigned after a bill was introduced into Congress requiring the Attorney General to reside in Washington DC. And would have forced him to leave his dear home in the Ancient Citte.

So, Mayor Cohen, your choices are not good ones. Either start absconding with the funds. Get a lot closer to the President. Or find that cardboard box you always wanted.

Apparently, there's a citizen's posse out there ready to help you do just that.

King of George

KOG Sells Out. Again.

Dearest Friends:

The King has been hit with some distressing news while on his late summer sojourn to Baden Baden. Copra futures are down. As are his rubber interests in Myanmar. And his copper deposits in Chile. Times are getting tighter financially.

So drastic action is required. Hence this blog must become cash flow neutral to support itself.

Starting today, I am accepting advertising. And I have a very attractive advertising program to offer you.

Better than the rest.

The Capital does not let advertisers effect their editorial content. But that's about it. Every other self serving flight of fancy they let run amok against the commercial objectives of Landmark. This includes Tom Marquardt's spiels on everything from the Bay Bridge to Maryland Hall, both where he has personal conflict of interests.

Paul Foer has taken his masters at The Capital a step further. He gives a pass to whomever writes him a check. Oh, plus you get a banner headline. So far his moral turpitude has included red lining every African American candidate last fall since none paid him. Attacking Mayor Moyer, Mayor Cohen, Mike Mallinoff, John Leopold and Candidate Chis Trumbauer.

After all, Foer's not a racist. He's a monetarist.

But the King's program goes one step further than either The Capital or Foer have dared to go. He will offer you no physical ads at all. You just pay the King and you get included.

Included in his rants. Included in his editorials. Included in his ramblings.

Plus he will excoriate your enemies for you. Just give me a list.

And none of those pesky banner ads to make the link between you and the King.

So send me some cash. And get your, err, I mean the King's, voice heard today!

We've already got one paying customer.

King of George

btw – Our Mayor Josh Cohen has been doing a super job! Trash gets picked up on time and the nasty people from the County are kept at bay. Bully for you Josh Cohen!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trumbauer's Enviro-Sell Out

Fellow Historics:

When the King thinks of islands, he remembers his youth on the Isle of Wight. A lovely place, certainly the envy of the elite around the world. Sailing and other distractions occupy days while pubs and games of chance occupy nights. In fact, it was the starting point for the Ark and the Dove on their voyage to someplace called 'Mary-land'.

So the King was taken with a local television report last week about other islands. The City of Baltimore is placing floating islands into their harbour. They float because they are made up of bundled plants. And these same plants remove nitrogen out of the water. Schools help maintain them and the National Aquarium tends them:

On the once-scenic Anacostia River in Washington DC they have also adopted such floating islands. To help clean up that degraded river.

It's a new thing we're told.

Well, it turns out that it isn't so new. Former Mayor Ellen Moyer had some of these floating islands slated for Annapolis' near-dead creeks. But this Spring their small cost was cut by Mayor Cohen. At the behest of his environmental 'Idea Team'. Chaired by Chris Trumbauer.

Little is yet publicly known about Mr. Trumbauer's back room role in the Mayor's termination of storm water programs, the refusal of Federal monies for making the Markethouse green, the halting of environmental education programs and the closing of Waterworks Park.

The largest sell out of environmental programs in the City's history. Perhaps in Maryland's history.

And it's a fact that Mr. Trumbauer was completely silent about his mentor's historic harm to his now beloved environment.

Yes, when running for office Trumbauer is an uber-enviro. When not, he has been quietly conspiring with former CAO Doug Smith and the Mayor to cut environmental programs. That would have lowered the nitrogen in the water. And reduced algae blooms that kill fish and crabs.

Bully Mr. Trumbauer!

You are correct to push back on these fancy organic islands and to support Mayor Cohen's historic defilement.

Who needs clean creeks? Like a jaunt from Cowes to Newport on the Isle, I want to be able to walk from the Historic Core to Eastport.

Across the dead zones Mr. Trumbauer has created.

King of George