Friday, September 10, 2010

Col. Kirby's Attack on Ward One

Dearest Residents:

Col Kenneth A. Kirby brought out the big guns last night. During a frontal assault on the Ward One Resident's Association.

You see, our habit downtown is to whine and complain. About everything. It distracts us from our real issues. Like our poor health. Or weakening emotional state. Or lack of rational thought.

Again last night, we whined and complained. This time about the Markethouse. We were excluded (meaning: our shadow government didn't get to choose).

Poor Aldermen Paone, Pfeiffer and Israel tried to make peace. But not Colonel Kirby.

The good Colonel would have none of it. He told Ward Oners it was not exclusively their choice. That the City Council made the decision. And they have their own disgraced Doug Smith looking out for their interests.

"You will need an Alderman to sponsor your legislation. And that Alderman will not be Alderman Kirby" he announced.

"And, if the legislation is introduced, then I will kill it in Council."


Snickers and general mirth was evident from his fellow Council members who witnessed his push-back of the Ward Oners. Alderman Paone was approached by one afterward and asked "Who was that? I'm never going to vote for him!"

Unfortunately, she won't have that privilege. Unless, of course, she moves into Harbor House.

Equally interesting was that the surface-skimming Capital reporter who witnessed it all went back and wrote nothing. Na-da. Apparently an Alderman from outside Ward One telling the self selected gentry what to do doesn't fit with their story line.

But, perhaps, Alderman Kirby will change that.

King of George


  1. Paul Foer is about to go all ninja on Cohen and that Phill the PIO goofball. He has vodeo of the event you are speaking of my King. If Foer keeps this up may I suggest the King recruit him as a special envoy in charge of keeping the boy mayor's feet to the fire ?

  2. Watch it here:

  3. Kirby is a badass, and it was right and good for him to the the Ward Oners they are irrelevant.

  4. If by "badass" you mean tall and dark, then yes.

    If you mean he actually gets anything done, then no.

    As I understand it, Mr. Kirby - when asked about the economics behind his position on Market House - replied "numbers aren't my thing."


  5. Prince Phillip of WardourSeptember 11, 2010 at 3:07 PM

    Do you want Kirby to lie like Boy-Cohen and pretend he knows more than he is capable of. Serioulsy, One week 10 Million is enough and a fcouple weeks laters " OOOOPS, we need 10 million more and we need it NOW !!!" followed by, " we may or may not need the additional 6 million we got " followed by " we will soon be able to show how we will surivive, but not yet, cause we have not figured it out yet"

    Kirby is a good man, and a smart man, and Cohen is the impotent sniveling incompetent .

  6. Kirby is irrelevant. He runs around and makes a lot of noise and takes credit for the de facto. He has not influenced the Market House decision, Josh and the others have. The guy is a poor lost sole looking for attention and a mission and is not effective in helping his own Ward, which by the way has a host of problems. Instead he ventures outside his Ward. Whatever. He is not helping his people. I feel sorry for him.

  7. Kirby for Mayor of all the City!

  8. I really feel sorry for him. He drew a poor lot in life. He wants to be important but doesn't know how. Alienation is not going to do him any good. The black mayor was knee capped. He'll be next. One slip up and ...

  9. What does Ward 6 want for downtown? -- or Sherwood Forest for that matter... Good question!

  10. How dare anyone but downtown businesses and residents have any say in what goes down here! Alderman Kirby and others should stay in their own Wards. They don't have to live with the consequences of the decisions made day in and day out. We know what to do and will continue to be the ones to decide what is best for Annapolis downtown.

  11. Double D, are you suggesting Mr Kirby is being too uppity ?

  12. Mr. Kirby should just attend to the issues of his Ward and stay there and focus his efforts on their needs.

    He doesn't need to come downtown and meddle in the delicate balance we have down here with all of the quality of life issues we deal with all the time.

    The previous Ward 6 Alderwoman did so much in her Ward like dealing with all those honking of horns which can be so irritating. I do hope someone can enforce noise ordinances one day and get rid of the crowds who are so unruly and under dressed. Maybe we should outlaw motorcycles downtown as well as more bars.

  13. Kirby is good for Annapolis business and successful businesses will reduce our taxes.

    Nobody really lives downtown anymore anyway besides a few lost souls hoping for a return to the past.

    Most houses are rented out seasonally for things like boatshows, romantic weekends & various holidays - so who is left to complain - Murray Hill ???

    They don't feel any pain except a lack of downtown parking and there is nothing down there for them to buy except a burger, chicken sandwich & fries.

    Kirby knows what Annapolis needs and has some common sense.

  14. Speaking of Bobby, what is bobby Jerrel doing with himself these days ?