Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crony Capital-ism

Fellow Historics:

The King believes in freedom of the press. Especially when that freedom allows reportage that distorts facts and damages individuals for my benefit.

But when it does not - then hades. Let's smash the presses!

So that is why we are so blessed to be in the Ancient Citte. We have team reportage that gets the story out about the down-trodden and victimized.

We, the elite of the Historic Core.

We must always remember that the individuals recruited to perform such tasks must never be held to the standards they inflict. Thus, when you read The Capital, please forget about their scofflaw & arrogant nature.

It just gets the way of the distortions.

So bully for these Capital reporter's on and off duty accomplishments! From the Maryland Judiciary Case Search and Orange County Florida iClerk:

Biggest Scofflaw - Erin Margaret Cox - For getting caught near the King's estate on Church Circle, 12 June 2009 with expired Florida plates on her Jeep.

Of course, the Maryland MVA requires an out of state vehicle to be registered within 60 days of moving into the State. And she left her job as an Orlando Sentinel reporter back in 2006 before the Sam Zell cutbacks.

So, was that 60 days or 60 months? Seems like the arresting officer may have forgotten a charge or two.

Oh, and didn't the young lass write about Zina Pierre's residency issues?

It also seems she has a need for speed. In Orlando, Ms. Cox had two speeding tickets. On both she elected to attend classes and pay a fine in lieu of points on her record.

Yet on one she was delinquent in paying the fine, had her drivers licence suspended and paid a late fee.

On the other there are still issues. By an mere oversight I am sure, it was left partially unpaid from 2006. On November 11 2009, the amount due was sent to collections. And she still hasn't paid.

Detect any patterns?

All this pretty much disqualifies her to run for any political office in the State of Maryland. But - good news - she can still write about it!

Most Lawsuits from a Story - Eric Hartley - For the damages claimed to local attorney Louis P. Tanko. Filed in Prince Georges County Court on April 16th, the liable lawsuit is ongoing. Summons issued to not only him but his employer, The Capital.

In 2005 - 2007, M. Hartley penned a number of articles that cast a negative light on Attorney Tanko. Were there enough non-facts among the aspersions for his liable suit to be filed?

We don't know. We'll just have to make a jaunt over to the PG County Courthouse and get a gander at the suit. Yum yum!

Best Inside Court Reporting - Scott M. Daugherty - It seems even the Capital's court reporter has some personal experience with the courts. On May 6th of last year he was charged with the heinous crime of operating a motor vehicle with a minor not wearing a seat belt. He pled guilty and walked away with a $25 fine.

We hope he steps up to a bigger, badder crime this year to add inside knowledge to his stories. Perhaps grand theft auto?

Of course, there are other issues that never end up in court. Like the conflicts of interest all over the editorial page. Tom Marquardt and his self serving rants. Gerald Fischman's role. And Paul Foer's racial and hate filled tirades (plus issues with the State Comptroller and civil lawsuits against his neighbors).

So let the bloodsport begin!

We've evened the playing field.

King of George


  1. All hail the King!

    The only truth teller in Annapolis.

  2. Hartley is fat and stupid. It's about time he gets sued to smithereens.

  3. Since when is sex between consenting adults in the mall parking lot a crime?

  4. pot calling the kettle black...

  5. The King is no pot, the King is pure. How dare you !!!

  6. I want to run naked through the streets of annapolis with my head held erect!!

  7. no dancing in A-town while you do it though...
    even if you are transparent.

  8. The Capital needs to do some background checks on staff and writers.

  9. Where can I pee when the wind blows cold and the markethouse bathroom is being cleaned ?

  10. You could use the Harbormaster bathrooms. but it is a gay pick up place. Very cruisy.