Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Club is Not Accepting New Members

Dearest Readers:

Other blogs have begun to take notice and are querying this correspondent about the nature of our cultural miasma in The Historic Core. This subject is too large and convoluted to explore in a single post. Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to explain how things really work in the Ancient Citte.

First and foremost you must understand we are superior to you. It's not because we are smarter, more handsome or have amassed more wealth. It is simply that our minds are decided on this point.

Second, you enable us. Thank you very much. We sniffle about crime, you 'stop the gunfire'. We are awoken by 2 am rowdyism, you want to ban all bars.

Messieurs and Madames, thank you for your efforts. But your membership to the Club has been rejected.

You see it takes so much more than simple extremism to belong here.

You must attend the croquet match with friends who have jetted in from Dusseldorf, sip sherry with dear Harvey on a blustery fall day and have had secret cocktails to celebrate the renovations you have done to your home without HPC approval.

You see, our life does have a higher quality about it.

The lessons shall continue my fine fellows.

King of George

Saturday, February 27, 2010

La Révolution Française et The City Manager

Gentle Friends:

Do you want this at City Dock?

Mais oui. This is what some suggest may happen if a City Manager tries to depose 300 years of The Charter and our citte's most cherished traditions.

Do not fear fellow citizens. We will defend your PROPERTY RIGHTS from the coming putsch of malcontents in Wards 3,4 and 6. There will not be a Révolution Française in our beloved historic core!

Nevertheless the Ward 8 Eastporters must be kept at bay. (Or, perhaps, putsched into the Bay?) They are vaingloriously trying to assert their elitist credentials by rubbing a little too close to us in Ward One. Let's give them an ample measure of time, another 200 years perhaps, to round out their curriculum vitae. They can apply again in 2210.

Doug Smith may look like Robespierre. But the resemblance ends there. His Reign of Terror will be quite different. He will protect our hearths and homes from those bent to harm us. Those encroaching architects and the HPC, who threaten our very existence.

Plus ca change, mes amis.

King of George

Welcome to All Defenders of Liberty!

Dearest Friends in the Ancient Citte -

Are our most central of rights under attacke?

We who live in the core of history must come to alert. It is our responsibility, nay burden, to defend them. The hordes from Severna Park and Arnold will soon be joined by the hungry wolves of Eastport in a coordinated two pronged assault on our senses and sensibilities downtown.

They will do and try almost anything to interrupt our 300 years of democratic municipal government, including threats and name calling of the highest order. Using modern tools like blogs and lawsuits, they threaten us. But we shall not cow!

I may be olde and enfeebled. Yet I saw speak for the voiceless of the Historic District here in this forum - as time, medical visits and issues permit.

Join me in my quest to make Annapolis a better place for property owners and the Historics that are so important to our citte.

King of George