Saturday, February 27, 2010

La Révolution Française et The City Manager

Gentle Friends:

Do you want this at City Dock?

Mais oui. This is what some suggest may happen if a City Manager tries to depose 300 years of The Charter and our citte's most cherished traditions.

Do not fear fellow citizens. We will defend your PROPERTY RIGHTS from the coming putsch of malcontents in Wards 3,4 and 6. There will not be a Révolution Française in our beloved historic core!

Nevertheless the Ward 8 Eastporters must be kept at bay. (Or, perhaps, putsched into the Bay?) They are vaingloriously trying to assert their elitist credentials by rubbing a little too close to us in Ward One. Let's give them an ample measure of time, another 200 years perhaps, to round out their curriculum vitae. They can apply again in 2210.

Doug Smith may look like Robespierre. But the resemblance ends there. His Reign of Terror will be quite different. He will protect our hearths and homes from those bent to harm us. Those encroaching architects and the HPC, who threaten our very existence.

Plus ca change, mes amis.

King of George


  1. Will your much beloved Doug Smith, CAO,(City Manager?)enforce the historic ordinances and fine violators?

    Read your own code:

    "A. Any person(s) who willfully performs or allows to be performed any work without first obtaining a certificate of approval, fails to comply with any final notice issued pursuant to this article, or disregards a decision of the Commission will be in violation of the provisions of this article. A violation of the article shall be deemed a municipal infraction as stated in the City Code. Each and every day that the violation continues shall be deemed a separate offense. Violators may be assessed a fine as established by the City Council for each day that the violation continues."

  2. Dear Mr Purcell:

    Mr. Smith, as I have pointed out, with create a 21st century Reign of Terror altogether different from the bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo you spew.

    He is a man of action who has been admitted to our Historic society. He understands PROPERTY RIGHTS and will fight for them, Even if the City is paying him $144,000 a year to do otherwise. He knows who places the marmalade on his crumpets.

    I will admit that some have misgivings, including Mssr. Kardash and Miller. Of course the want-to-be blue bloods like Ms. McFall and Mr. Macmillan will continue to rant and rave. What else to they have to do with their day?

    Perhaps our Garden Club could teach them to plant flowers in our neighborhoods for spring? The May baskets are right around the corner!