Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome to All Defenders of Liberty!

Dearest Friends in the Ancient Citte -

Are our most central of rights under attacke?

We who live in the core of history must come to alert. It is our responsibility, nay burden, to defend them. The hordes from Severna Park and Arnold will soon be joined by the hungry wolves of Eastport in a coordinated two pronged assault on our senses and sensibilities downtown.

They will do and try almost anything to interrupt our 300 years of democratic municipal government, including threats and name calling of the highest order. Using modern tools like blogs and lawsuits, they threaten us. But we shall not cow!

I may be olde and enfeebled. Yet I saw speak for the voiceless of the Historic District here in this forum - as time, medical visits and issues permit.

Join me in my quest to make Annapolis a better place for property owners and the Historics that are so important to our citte.

King of George


  1. WTF? King of George??

    Give us a break! What's next, Ellen of Moyer!!

  2. Yes, it may be hard to accept that the times are changing and we are moving backward to our most ancient of traditions.

    You crop of come-latelys could not hold a candle to Mssr. Ridout, Brice, Carrol, Chase or Garrett.

    For shame what you have done to our citte!

  3. Foer has to be behind this. This is simply too weird.

  4. Why don't you tell your friends and neighbors to stop changing and botching up the authentic historic district filled tradition and heritage that you hold true and dear ?

    Are you really Paul Foer ?

  5. Mr. Foer wants to be me. Understandable.