Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Club is Not Accepting New Members

Dearest Readers:

Other blogs have begun to take notice and are querying this correspondent about the nature of our cultural miasma in The Historic Core. This subject is too large and convoluted to explore in a single post. Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to explain how things really work in the Ancient Citte.

First and foremost you must understand we are superior to you. It's not because we are smarter, more handsome or have amassed more wealth. It is simply that our minds are decided on this point.

Second, you enable us. Thank you very much. We sniffle about crime, you 'stop the gunfire'. We are awoken by 2 am rowdyism, you want to ban all bars.

Messieurs and Madames, thank you for your efforts. But your membership to the Club has been rejected.

You see it takes so much more than simple extremism to belong here.

You must attend the croquet match with friends who have jetted in from Dusseldorf, sip sherry with dear Harvey on a blustery fall day and have had secret cocktails to celebrate the renovations you have done to your home without HPC approval.

You see, our life does have a higher quality about it.

The lessons shall continue my fine fellows.

King of George


  1. But why are you ruining the archeology & heritage of the Ancient City with your false architecture and destroying the comity of the citizenry & business with your culture of complaint ?

    Do you just stand for power and control over the weak minded and addle brained wannabe elitists ?

    This is what we the people would like to know...

  2. What noise is this?

    It looks like Craig has finally flipped over the edge. Can you say "Sybil"? Two sides of one coin??

  3. What the hell is a "liberities"

    join us in our quest to save our ancient liberities

  4. 'tis a sad day when our elite compromise the Ancient City with bald and vested self interest.