Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reports from the Front


We fear for our courtyards, gardens and paths.

Mayor Cohen and Mr. Smith have pulled out the stops for the self preservation of their regime. At a Church in the African American community Smith and Cohen were escorted by uniformed police Tuesday night. Armed uniformed police officers are now in City Hall, Gorman Street and will be available in other key city buildings. And we are being told of other more secretive and extreme personal security measures being taken to protect the corpus of the principals. These costs will exceed one quarter of one million dollars for the tax payers and are mounting.

In fact, City Hall has begun to resemble the Furhrer Bunker. Lights out, little activity, art removed and just the drone of ventilation fans. Will Smith create a free fire zone around our municipal building? I suggest you pay your water bill by mail.

Alderperson Finlayson is venturing into this lair this morning to confront the Finance Chief, Dr. Elliot, about his mangled numbers and confusion between grants and tax revenues. We wish her well on her mission of peace.

These are truly historic events for the Ancient City. Not since General Butler invested Annapolis with those damned Yankee soldiers in 1862 has armed force been used to subdue our populace. Now it is not an invading force from the North but our own cops on overtime that will be used to subdue us -- all because Mr. Smith is lacking physical courage?

The first calls for a recall campaign reached our ears yesterday. As one Alderperson was heard to say "There certainly will be enough folks to go door to door with clipboard and petitions after the layoffs". 4,999 more signatures needed and counting.

We fear for our quaintness, our gardens and our paths. Will they be filled with the clip of jack boots, the crackle of political fortunes combusting and the acrid smell of subjugation?

King of George


  1. Why don't you stop driving business from Annapolis then talk to us.

  2. Ward One is about to become a battlefield.

    Yet this is our home and castle.

    It would be OK with me if the coming conflict were to be fought, say, in the parking lot of the USNA stadium. But, apparently, it will not. The Smithians have decided to arm City Hall to the teeth and make a stand there!

  3. jazzy here

    i am glad you have decided to withdraw the police from my neighborhood and place them in ward one

    that is where the political criminals are

  4. Why don't you just go form a union down there in town ? call is USA (United Snobs of Annapolis) then you can have a voice.

    You want your taxes to stay the same but you demand so much attention and want us to pay for your brick sidewalks,fire protection of your historic buildings, underground wires, boat slips, more cops, more parking garages, more transportation and historic preservation - yet you pay no more and get all the benefits.

  5. jazzy here


    you are right anonymous person

  6. The posters on this blog are infantile idiots.

    So Paul Foer must be posting again!

  7. King of George is a bitter old man.

  8. Yes.

    My bitterness is a product of the
    compromise of our ancient citte and allowing the ruffians inside our gates.

    Crew served weapons on Prince George to protect Mssr. Cohen and Smith?

    Non, merci!

  9. In response to your blog post, I have attached a quote from Police Chief Michael Pristoop:

    "The budget crisis facing the City of Annapolis is unprecedented. Although there have been no threats of workplace violence during these difficult times, I have made the decision to provide additional security for the Mayor and the Chief Administrative Officer during working and off hours. Executive security, while not normally provided for in Annapolis, is commonplace in many counties and cities. We expect this to be a temporary measure."

    Phill McGowan
    Public Information Officer
    City of Annapolis

  10. Dear Phillip:

    Thank you for your kind reply.

    Yet we in Ward One are disheveled. The police presence has over whelmed our ability to provide tea cakes and refreshments. In fact, my wife, Buffy, ran out of salmon truffle cream cheese to feed the third shift.

    Qu'est-que c'est?

    King of George

  11. We are sick and tired of Josh's lies. Just tell us the truth!

  12. Hey hey. Ho ho.

    It's time. Josh Cohen has to go.

  13. 33 fired today!


    The King gets a mention.