Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whopps! Another $3,000,000 Gone

Brave Hearts:

I am disconsolate. My Trustees are playing havoc with me. Once again they have denied my request for the new Bugatti. In favor of things called 'funds' and 'preferred stock'. You see, the market has not been to their liking and they have chosen to retain my cash.

I understand Mayor Cohen is suffering a similar financial distress. It seems Mr. Smith has chosen to forgo $3,000,000 in funds that are owed to the City by the County for the operation of the City's sewage treatment facility. Two years of revenue in fact. Controlled by his friend Mr. Hammond.

Why Mr. Smith would choose this course is clear: it intensifies his made-up financial crisis and thus his power. It's obvious it allows him even more latitude in his gleeful firings and his de-unionization effort. At the same time he re-appoints his own cronies into positions he just 'eliminated'. Like Economic Development.

Even though it is venal and petty, we must back Mr. Smith in this effort to deny the City funds, intensify the budget 'crisis' and misrepresent to the public. It is just the way our new City government must work.

It's an Ancient Citte and our traditions must hold!

Of course, my Trustees should follow a different path. The Bugatti is only $1,000,000.


King of George


  1. Do you believe Doug Smith is acting independently of Mayor Cohen? I believe Cohen asked the voters to make him responsible; that's why he didn't want a City Manager. So, why don't you make Mr. Cohen responsible for these decisions, rather than falsely suggesting that Smith can act all on his own.

  2. Cohen is clearly leaving all the decisions up to his City Manager, collecting his paycheck and enjoying the fine Spring weather.

  3. If you think Cohen is leaving all the decisions to the City Manager, you are completely wrong.

    Suggesting that Smith is making all the decisions is a very transparent, Weikel-like political attempt to insulate Cohen (the Dem) from the unpopular decisions he must make.

    No one is being fooled by this attempt to blame it all on Smith.

  4. Gentle Readers:

    It's only fair to give credit where credit is due, n'est-ce pas? Mr. Smith and Mayor Cohen has done admirable jobs protecting the perks of the elite -- my perks.

    Thank you sirs!

    Mayor Cohen is correct in his approach. He should not sully his hands in the minor Affairs of State. Like firings, budgets and reorganizations.

    Why, it's Spring. Croquet is in the air!

    King of George