Friday, March 26, 2010

Plus Ça Change

Gentle Annapolitans:

Returning from the Palm Beach polo grounds on the G5, I was welcomed to 30,000 feet by a magnificent sunset last evening, pictured above. Of the sunsets in my 271 years, they never cease to astound. Whether at Machu Piccu in the high Andes or in the jungles of Boreno, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

This continuum was evident upon my entourage's arrival on King of George Street from Le Voyage du Sud.

Our servants were quite exercised. Alledging, parapharasing the dear Bard, that something remains afoul in Denmark.

Apparently, City Hall is a buzz with talk of the firing of Mr. Rob Schuetz earlier this month. It purportedly had little to do with his job performance or cost reductions -- at least for the citte. It is said it was really about political favors of a pecuniary nature.

As I corresponded earlier this month ("33 Fired Today", March 5th), the litigation with the APD HQ includes one Eastern Waterproofing Company, a subcontractor on the APD site. They reputedly did a good job, but their management practices were not up to Mr. Schuetz's liking. So he included them in a lawsuit.

One of the principals of this business may have direct ties to Mayor Cohen and has purportedly hired local attorney, financier and lobbyist Alan Hyatt. The rumor swirling through the servant's quarters is that the Mayor was asked by his friend to 'go easy' on Eastern Waterproofing. So, just one month after he was assured by Mr. Smith that he still had a job in City Hall, Mr. Schuetz was fired. Other employees in City Hall who have knowledge of the facts of this case are purportedly scared they will be next in Mr. Smith's purge.

The additional detail to this rumor is that Eastern Waterproofing was being sued for a mere $600,000. This might keep 10 city employees delivering services for a year, non? Or pay for my trip to the running of the bulls in Pamploma (as an observer only!).

A trifle, nothing.

Moreover, city suits have been dropped against all other miscreants in the APD debacle. I certainly hope these situations involve more cash.

Small amounts debase us.

Mr. Smith: if you engage in skullduggery make sure it is for a real sum. A few billion perhaps. Not rounding errors in St. Barts.

And, let's keep the cash where it belongs. In the off shore accounts of the rich.

Annapolitans demand nothing less.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

King of George

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  1. Friends:

    Also, thanks for the out pouring of support for my poor lame polo pony. Especially to Liz and Jack. The use of your helicopter to get from Naples to West Palm yesterday was most appreciated.

    My friends will be happy to know he is on the mend now and may be back in action soon.

    King of George