Wednesday, March 17, 2010

FEMA vs. Firings

Brave Hearts:

Word reaches this gentle correspondent this morning of more choices of necessity being made by Mr. Smith.

In his binge firings, Mr. Smith has forgotten to file the paperwork with FEMA for the Citte to be re-compensated for some of the costs related to snow removal in the last three months. Of course, he has fired the Director of Emergency Management, Mr. Edward Sherlock, who usually handles such mundane tasks. Now Mr. Smith must do his paperwork himself.

I feel this is not an unusual thing. Firing people can consume so much time. Handing them a cardboard box to put their things in and turning off their phone and computer.

In a personal case, the firing of Fitch, my fifth butler, took mother almost six months to accomplish!

So either taxes must go up or there will be even more cuts or Mr. Smith will have to focus on his own paperwork rather than the destruction of human lives.

We in the Historic Core hope, nay pray, for more cuts! For they are so much more fun than paperwork.

King of George


  1. I'm sure we'll find someone to file the FEMA paperwork. We probably don't need an entire department and Mr. Sherlock with a huge six figure salary to get that done. It'll take a while for Annapolis City to discover how the rest of us out here in the real world get small tasks done without needing half a dozen people to do it.

    As for the destruction of human lives, how many were lost due to Moyer's gross mismanagement and the millions in taxpayer dollars she wasted. It's incredible how some think government (the most inefficient organization in the nation) should be left untouched in this recession.

  2. Regardless if it takes a department and a person with a six figure salary, the fact remains that we have lost out on over $500K to reimburse the City for snow removal on what amounts to a clerical oversight on the part of City Hall. If Sherlock filed it and made $100K then the City is $400K to the good.

    Smith is making $145K and didn't file it and now the city is $645K to the bad.

    FEMA is typically not too forgiving on missed deadlines.

    Hey you're doing a helluva job there Smitty!

  3. Dearest Correspondent:

    Throughout my life, I have assiduously avoided all contact with what you call 'the real world'. Quite frankly, I don't know what relevance this 'world' would have to me. Perhaps you could enlighten moi?

    Civil servants need to be brought to rein of their master in the Historic Core. Or improved. [Similar to the British Foreign Service during the Empire. Now THAT was a civil service.]

    Thus, I have applauded the misery brought into our civil servant's lives no matter what the source. Whether Mr. Smith or Mrs. Moyer. Although in this case I believe Mr. Smith would be identified as the source.

    Yours obediently.

    King of George

  4. All the effort to make Smith responsible for anything you may dislike in what the City is doing is a bunch of bunk.

    Cohen hired Smith; Cohen is Mayor; Cohen didn't want a City Manager form of government, because he said he wanted to be held accountable.

    All of this going after Smith is just a bunch of liberals trying to divert blame away from one of their own.

  5. Dearest Reader:

    Yes, I most certainly agree!

    Those republicans (note the lower case 'r' please, sirs) and Jacobins shall not hold sway in my Ancient Citte!

    I am quite dismayed to see Mr. Smith vilified by these mobs from the outer wards. Why should he, exactly, be held responsible for his actions? That seems most unfair.

    Even though he is not a true Historic, we support his extravagant police protection, illegal additions to citte staff and hateful attitude toward others. If one cannot waste money, be inept or act abhorrently, then what is the point of being in government?

    Really. One might as well winter in Cap d'Antibes.

    Your Servant.

    King of George

  6. jazzy here

    smith hates people and so he fires them

  7. Glad to see that Jazzy is back! Other than King of George, I haven't heard anything really nutty since Pelosi's last speech about health care. A debate over politics just doesn't seem right, unless there's a good dose of hate speech and irrational thinking.

  8. Friends:

    I could not agree more.

    Mr. Jazzy seems to show up when it is time for irrational rants from the horde.

    Yes, his hate is so much worse than Mr. Smith's.

    King of George