Thursday, March 4, 2010

Let's Get Fiscal

Dear Souls:

Since we in Ward One subsist on trust funds, we have always had a hard time understanding the accountant's vocation. Nevertheless, this so called budget gap has us befuddled. Where has this money gone?

- $3,100,000 owed the City from the County for waste water treatment
- $2,200,200 for ambulance services provided by the City owed by the County
- $1,970,000 for new buses from US DOT
- $2,010,000 from the US DOE for thermal cooling for the markethouse – refused by the Smith Adimistration
- 3 grants to DNEP
* $150,000 for E Star improvements to the city
* $90,000 for improved storm water run off
* $60,000 for waste water improvements

$9,580,000 US dollars.

So what has Doug Smith done to retain these monies?



  1. It looks like you trust funders have come over to our side Spa Creek and taken all the choice property and now link arms with downtown folks complaining about making business.

    We working folks are gonna get hit by the City cuts while you will collect checks from Goldman Sachs and laugh all the way to the bank.

  2. I like the tights!
    Does she live in Ward One ?

  3. No.

    Pink is a color we abhor in the Historic Core.