Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Fellow Historics:

It appears Mr. Purcell is at it again. I reference this afternoon's post on his scurrilous blog Annapolis Poltical Scene ( Mr. Purcell claims the windows pictured above may be of plastic manufacture.

The subject of his scorn is the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Buchheister of Wagner Street. Although this property is not within the Historic Core of downtown, it is subject to HPC regulation.

Mrs. Buchheister is the current President of our beloved Ward One Resident's Association. As such, she is sworn to uphold the most important of our God given prerogatives: PROPERTY RIGHTS.

Mr. Purcell should also be advised that Mrs. Buchheister is politically well connected. Aide-de-Camp for Delegate Maggie MacIntosh, campaign Treasurer for Alderman Richard Israel and a former member of the City's Democratic Central Committee. Although these political persuasions are too republican (small r) for my taste, she will be a potent political threat to anyone wishing to intrude on her rights of peaceful use and renovation of her home.

Of course, there is a another option for the Buchheisters -- blame it on their contractor! As was the case with the Miller's columns, perhaps they were fooled into putting plastic windows in place? That would make them an innocent in the vile schemings of the working classes.

Whatever the case, in the name of PROPERTY RIGHTS they must be left alone.

I do not for a minute believe it is within Mr. Pucell's purvue to report violators of our HPC codes. In fact, the citte's Director of Historic Preservation should be honor bound to reject all such attempts to embarrass or do harm to our Ancient Liberties.

Especially our right to selectively enforce Historic Preservation laws.

Mr. Purcell, why don't you chase some chickens out of your yard, put a new coat of paint on your shack and stay out of our citte?

King of George


  1. My Dearest K of G,

    Let us not forget the Red House at Bexleyheath in Kent designed by William Morris and Philip Webb where you have wiled away many a spring afternoon in lazy reveries. This fine edifice is a paean to the industrious and creative worker which validates the essential dignity of craft & man.

    Your love of cheap machine made knockoffs of the authentic take bread from the mouths of the honest craftsman and undercut the very trade for such people. There is no pleasure in slamming in illegal vinyl windows quickly at night. How will the Ancient City build up a tradition of craft and work with your economic formula driven by soulless machine production ?

    Aren't you concerned for the moral and social health of the City as related to the qualities of its architecture and designs. One of the Ancient City's hallmarks is simplicity of form, without superfluous decoration, often exposing its authentic construction. Another is truth to material, preserving and emphasizing the qualities of the materials used.

    No I fear you are on a wrong and crooked path and I know St. Clair would agree with me were she here and her standards upheld.

  2. Lord Purcell is a man devoid of stiffness and potency. Therefore, let not his frustration ruffle feathers. Let us feel sorry for Mr. Purcell and send the hounds out to sniff out his demons and expose then in the public square for his betterment.