Friday, March 26, 2010

Bienvenue Greta

Mes Amis:

I think it is fair to report neighborhood news here, non?

Ms. Greta Van Susteren, most recently of Fox News, has purchased a significant property within the Historic Core. Perhaps 100 yards from City Hall on the Duke's street.

Of course, the Van Susterens are well known Marylanders. Her sister has been active in the Maryland environmental movement for many years. So, naturally we welcome her back to the Ancient Citte.

Nevertheless, our doubts remain of her association with this new fangled 'electronic' media. Involving things called 'cable' and 'chips'. We are still suspect of the Guttenberg press and Jonas Green. And, of course, the Dutch are relative new comers to our citte.

Yet we will suspend all doubt for the time being.

Greta, welcome home.

King of George

1 comment:

  1. Maybe Greta would like to cover our failing "Preservation Issue" for Fox News as a local human interest story.