Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cohen's Punitive Expedition

Fine Fellows:

Politics in the Ancient Citte is often difficult to understand. All the ward numbers, one through eight.

Of course, there is only One Ward of consequence: Ward One.

And not even most of that qualifies. The ruffians in Truxton Heights, Presidents Hill, Bloomsbury Square and Murray Hill need not apply. Only those who inhabit the Historic Core should have any voice at all in the affairs of my citte.

That is why I was so dismayed to hear that Mayor Cohen had threatened the Aldermen from Wards 3, 4 and 6 with a punitive political expedition this week.

Apparently, these three have had the audacity to challenge the policies of Mr. Smith and, most egregiously, offer legislation that challenges his illegal coup and self dealing. Giving himself a $53,000 raise to run the new junta in the citte and police protection while he fires career employees.

The wheels of democracy have rightfully offended offended young Mayor Cohen. The fact that these Aldermen worked to elected him in their wards after those same places came out en masse to support Ms. Pierre or that the parts of the citte he has selected for punishment are predominantly African American seems to not have registered on the young man's mind.

We're also told that he threatened to tie Ms. Ellen Moyer as a political millstone around their necks to crush the kernels of democracy. This seems bizarre given that Ms. Moyer always carried these areas of the citte quite easily and remains overwhelmingly popular there.

Such is often the case with those odd Eastporters. They get along with just too many people below our station.

But what does he hope to accomplish with this piecemeal tactic?

Mayor Cohen's mistake is to limit his political assault to just Wards 3, 4 and 6. The King believes he and Mr. Smith should take on Wards 2 through 8 as well. Plus those parts of Ward One outside the Historic Core.

Perhaps he should just declare the Historic Core independent and ruled by Mr. Smith and himself. That would save us all a lot time and money.

The King is standing by with his truncheon.

King of George


  1. Moyer is only popular among the hundreds of unncecessary city employess she hired and her friend that she funneled taxpayer money to so they could complete important tasks like figuring out how the sea leve might affect the City Dock 100 years from now. Her incompetency and failure as Mayor created the financial train wreck Cohen inhereted.

  2. Dearest Anon:

    You are correct.

    Ms. Moyer was only able to sustain her political career because we let non-property owners, women, blacks, 18 year olds and non- Ward Oners vote. If we took these groups away, then she would lose every time to the rich men who own significant property in the Historic Core.

    Although there are only about three of us left.

    King of George

  3. Only property owners should be able to vote.