Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Hate Me

My Dearest Friends:

Having learned at the feet of my dear uncle Hugo, the zeitung boss of Basel, I know the value of an apprenticeship. Not that long ago, Mayor Cohen was a mere intern in the the Department of Planning and Zoning himself. Cutting his teeth on the sinews of the bureaucracy.

So tonight we learned Mayor 'Junior' Josh Cohen is cutting the intern program that helps young people develop job skills and that brings needed support to the city at no cost. The same one that that brought him into our Citte's government.

So many years ago. Was it five or ten?

Bully I say!

Killing those who gave you political life makes so much sense in the Ancient Citte.

King of George


  1. Why would he cut the interns, if they don't cost anything? The "fact" is that they do cost something. This is different from the private sector where interns most often are not paid and work in exchange for the training and experience. Only in government do they foolishly pay not only the interns, but another organization that provides them.

  2. Dear Souls:

    Mr. Smith and I share one characteristic: hatred for the masses. And interns are swarmy little children of the lower classes who take up space and need to be trained. Thus Mayor 'Junior' Josh Cohen and Herr Smith are right to cut them. They just get under foot and destroy the comity of our luncheon repasts.

    If we cannot eat our young, then who can we eat?

    King of George

  3. jazzy here

    cohen needs to be held accountable for his hateful firings

    malcolm said that in time all debts will be paid