Saturday, March 13, 2010

Should the Historic Core Remain Green?

Fellow Annapolitans:

I have always felt a certain kinship with nature. As a young man growing up in Davos, I remember weekend trips in dear papa's Aston Martin to hike the Weisshorn. It was always refreshing to enjoy the Alpine air and study the flora at 3,000 metres.

So you can imagine my consternation at the cuts to environmental programs in the Ancient Citte:
-- Two storm water engingeers let go at a time when storm water has become the water pollution issue nationally.
-- Floating island program to clean up Spa Creek halted.
-- The closing of Waterworks Park.
-- Defaulting on over half a million dollars of Federal funding for street end storm water treatment.
-- Greenscape programs eliminated.
-- $90,000 in a Federal grant let go to provide provide green thermal energy for the Markethouse.
-- Attempts to privatize the Annapolis Conservancy Board.
-- And a promise of 'no more rain gardens' from Mr. Smith.

Is his desire to keep the plebeian masses from our door by making Annapolis less attractive?

We understand this. This is the same trick old Aunt Bert used to play on us as children when she would plant elderly wet kissed upon our rosy cheeks. We would never want any of that anymore and thus we kept a wide berth!

Yet we fret. Exactly how does Mr. Smith propose we spend our day? And what will be the final outcome of Mr. Smith's anti-environmentalism?

If it brings less people into the Historic Core, then we shall shout hooray!

Although we may be doing so through our oxygen masks and chemical suits.

King of George

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