Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Citte Services for Historics

Fellow Historics:

As my family knows, my trustees won't let me within a furlong of my own finances. It all started when I purchased that Scottish castle without dear papa's permission. Ever since then, I have been in a financial lock down. Unable to adequately provide for my own means between 6 figure wire transfers.

Hence, you can imagine my glee to hear today that Mr. Smith and Mayor Cohen have loosen some discretionary cash. They have wisely increased the budget for contract employees by over $2,000,000 from Ellen Moyer's budget. Thus they have out Moyered Moyer.

This will help us fill the the quality of life gap in the Historic Core.

I believe we can contract out a number of new services for those of us who have to endure downtown. This could include a public defilement patrol, to ensure no more issues with human waste on our streets. Or the creation of an economic decline division, to assist businesses in filing bankruptcy paperwork faster (especially those pesky bar owners with midnight licenses). So we can finally, and irrevocably, get businesses out of the Historic Core.

We also applaud that Mr. Smith is filling these positions without posting, without resumes and without interviews. Very appropriate we think. Why, again, did Ms. Moyer trifle herself with these encumbrances?

We couldn't be happier to see the city rolls filled with political patronage jobs only loyal to Mr. Smith, the Mayor and the Historics of the Core.

It's about time.

King of George


  1. just like ward one

    taking our money for the rich and screwing the poor

  2. Let's see; the rich pay 98% of the taxes, so exactly how does Jazzy come up with the concept of "our" money. It's always interesting how people who don't pay any taxes become offended when they are the least bit questioned about how they spend "other people's" money.

  3. Anon:

    Bully sir! You are right to call Jazzy out.

    It's all about us and our money. Nothing belongs to those who do not pay significant taxes. Nothing.

    btw - 'significant taxes' = $20 million or more.

    King of George

  4. King of George needs to pay more tax - soak the rich!

  5. Sir:

    Most of the King's wealth remains off shore in the former Royal colonies of the Caribbean. (Nothing like a rum punch with your banker in the Caymans on a warm winter afternoon!)

    So I am virtually immune from your 'taxation'.

    King of George