Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fellow Travelers:

Unelected bureaucrats are now cordoning off their lives from common people with our own police. The same police that have run up the largest overtime bill in the City's history.

The picture above was taken this morning by a concerned citizen in front of Doug Smith's house on Revell Street. Of course Revell is not in our Historic Core. And, in fact, Mr. Smith's home is far from historic, being a knock down rancher that somehow passed HPC review in 2002 (let me see, how exactly did that happen?).

Nevertheless, I say Bully!

We need over-the-top extravagantly costly protection if we are to safely celebrate while Rome burns. When Mr. Smith wastes money, he knows how to do it: spend it on yourself!

We in the Historic Core have one response: where is our police cordon? We are inundated with attacks by Arnoldians and Severna Parkites daily. Not to mention those pesky kids from St. Marys and Green Street School. Plus the residents from the outer Wards who seem to think this is their citte too.

Thus it is somewhat comforting to know Messr. Smith and Cohen are safe at night.

But what about us?

King of George


  1. They cut Moyer people we know that.

  2. City Management has its privileges & Mr. Smith deserves them.

  3. Whats does a cop and car cost per day ? Nice! -- Negotiate high salaries, hire friends, don't take a salary cut, fire workers associated with Moyer, get police coverage 24/7 and then show up to present budget to a unified City Council.

  4. Mayor Cohen and Mr. Smith were probably threatened that is why the Police Chief gave them police protection.

  5. Police Chief specifically stated that there were no threats to either. Is this Doug Smith's ego running amok?

    Here is my guess as to what happened.Smith went to Pristoop and asked for protection. Remember, Smith likes to say he was a big VIP in a bunch of big companies, so he may be used to this. Pristoop, knowing that Doug is pulling the strings and Josh is merely a puppet; so fearing for his own job (which the puppet said was safe during the campaign--and we all know how those campaign promises work out), he acquiesced.