Friday, March 5, 2010

33 Fired Today

Good Fellows:

As a resident with 18th century sensibilities living in the Historic Core, I accept the fact that there should be some inside dealing among friends. We are a small town where everyone knows each other and we all have to go along to get along.

A case in point is yesterday's firing of the Director of Central Services, Rob Schuetz, by CAO Doug Smith. Mr. Schuetz (a non-Annapolitan from some place called 'Lutherville') was hired after the forced retirement of our dear friend Emory Harrison. One of his primary missions was to sort out the Gordian knot of the Markethouse and Police Department projects. Although its hard to evaluate in great detail, Mr. Schuetz appeared to do just that.

Interesting, the litigation is still continuing with the APD HQ and includes one Eastern Waterproofing Company, a subcontractor on the site. They reputedly did a good job, but their management practices were not up to Mr. Schuetz's liking. So he included them in the suit.

It turns out one of the principals of this business may have direct ties to Mayor Cohen. The rumor swirling through our streets today is that the Mayor was asked by his friend to 'go easy' on Eastern Waterproofing. So, just one month after he was assured by Mr. Smith that he still had a job in Cohenville, Mr. Schuetz is fired.

It would be nice for the 33 people who were fired today to know that the decision making was above board, fair and just. Yet this is the Ancient Citte. I think its a fine thing if we fire people for political reasons to take care of our friends. It's our genetics.

John Ridout would have wanted it that way.

King of George


  1. An update. Police cars with armed uniformed officers are now seen outside the homes of Mayor Cohen and Mr. Smith.

    Bully I say. We more fire power, not less, to keep the masses at bay.

  2. Harry Sandrouni got the ax. The one Public Works person that could produce. Award on the City Dock and Rec Dept. ahead of schedule. To close to Moyer I quess & Spiro Lewnes also gone
    Eastport native too close to Pip.

  3. It is sad to see what is happening. Does anyone have a complete list of those who have fallen in service of their Citte?