Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No More Boatshow!


Bully news. I have just learned that the 2011 City Budget accounts for no revenue from the Boat Show. No revenue!

A cool $600,000 unaccounted for.

Perhaps they have moved the show to Pasadena or Glen Burnie. This certainly couldn't be an error by the crack accounting team in City Hall.

My afternoon naps in October are safe again.

Thank you Mr. Smith!

King of George


  1. I thought Cohen, not Smith was Mayor. Didn't anyone tell King George? Someone should get him a copy of the City organizational chart. For some reason, King George wants to pretend that Mr. Smith is calling the shots. Me thinks there's some political motivation behind George's faux stupitidy.

  2. This blog is more fun. Purcell on Annapolis Political Scene is still trying to gin up racism with his phony suggestion that the MLK statue has been defaced. Race baters such as Purcell should be ashamed.

  3. Dear Friends:

    The King does so like to keep a clean and well organized court for the elite to hob-nob!

    Merci beaucoup.

    King of George

  4. King of George--

    What say ye about the lease agreement entered unto by Dough Smith for McDonalds?

    At least it was not MacDonalds--that is all the Citte needs--a Scottish contingent to go along with the proles in Eastport.

  5. Not to worry the citizens of Annapolis have plenty of money and taxes can be raised to cover any shortfall.

  6. Friends:

    Yes, so it is Avril 1st. Bon chance sur les blogs!

    Yes, my understanding is that the poor and middle classes of Annapolis do have much liquid cash to cover shortfalls. Tax them.

    Myself, I little cash to spare since it has all been put to work offshore in various financial schemes throughout the English speaking Caribbean world.

    Anyone interested in a $27 million run micro distillery on Barbuda?

    King of George