Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Illegality in the Ancient Citte

The Blueback Trout

Dear Fellow Historics:

Assets and liabilities have always eluded me. My trustee takes care of all the little pecuniary details of my life. Like the fees to stock my pond with Blueback Trout. Or the currier's for Aces Diamond Rio, my champion stallion.

But I do understand process and procedures. I cannot spend money for, say, a new Bugatti without my trustees approval. (Please! It's only 1,000 hp.)

So I'm confused why Doug Smith will not follow the law. It a very simple one: all modifications to the budget must get approved by the Finance Committee and the Council.

So what about:
-- Pay raises in the Mayor's Office totaling $205,000 done without council approval
-- Pay raise and a new position for Doug Smith totaling $144,000 without council approval
-- Reorganization of departments that will total nearly $1,000,000 without council approval
-- Special "Paranoia" Police protection for the Mayor and Doug Smith totaling over $500,000 per year without council approval

All illegal.

Plus firing of city workers undertaken by CAO Doug Smith who was illegally appointed. Thus illegally fired.

But to have your administration founded on illegal lies?

I understand avoiding legal strictures for one's own benefit. Like the HPC, who must be avoided at all costs. Even if we have to violate legal codes for life, liberty and the pursuit of plastic columns.

Really! How Ward 8 of you.

King of George


  1. Chuck:

    If you weren't so pathetic you would be funny. Try getting a life.

  2. Chuck, Face it the Moyer Gravy Train is done been come and gone - get used to it!

  3. Chuck and Craig:

    The Marx bros thing...rope a dope thing... who me thing...is pretty transparent. On the other hand, watching you both feed out the rope to hang yourself on the anonymity thing is pretty darn amusing. Craig, you at least appear to have a job. Try to get Chuck some gainful employment, so the the serious people in annapolis can get on with trying to right the ship with his immature antics.

  4. It was anticipated that when the Moyer debacle was dismantled, there would be a lot of whining, moaning and lying. People who have been paid a lot of money for little work aren't going to part with that quietly. You could fire another 100 people in City government and still have an excessively large workforce. How does Newport manage to run its city with 200 fewer employees?

  5. Gentle Souls:

    King of George has a kind glad heart. He writes for his neighbors in the Historic Core to apprise them of events that might effect their intercourse with the Citte. This blog is not for the consumption of others, especially the common people.

    In a case in point, Mr. Purcell is a Patapsco swilling ruffian from the North and Mr. Weikle, well, he lives in a sad little home on Gloucester Mews. Not worth mentioning.

    As for you, my dear. Please confine yourself to your side of the bridge and continue edifying yourself with your dime store novellas. Not this blog.

    King of George

  6. Truth to power is always met with great resistance. Either that, or this blog is simply meant for someone's amusement, since reality apparently isn't part of the discussion.

    Good luck making faces at yourself in the mirror. It should keep you entertained.

  7. Jane:

    We who live in the Historic Core do not need to engage in your name calling and vilifications. Thankfully, we are above it.

    Mr. Smith represents all that we cherish and hold dear. And I routinely defend him here.

    You are correct on one point though. I do so enjoy regarding my countenance in the mirror.

    King of George

  8. Jane?

    Strange name for a man.

  9. Dear All,

    I have no relation to said King of George and refute his elitism and lack of concern for the authentic, good and true Ancient City...