Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dr. 'I Don't Know' Arnett

Dearest Annapolis:

Those 'over the bridge' have always concerned the King. Doubly perplexing are politicans who get elected and then seem to lose their bearings on how to vote and what is important.

Dr. 'I Don't Know' Arnett is at it again.

The man who abstained on last year's budget vote and is the main proponent of firing city workers is, in the new council, number one in abstentions again this year. Abstaining in one case twice on the same piece of legislation.

Being dazed and confused, he tried to adopt the infamous taxi cab horn ordinance left to us by Ward One Poseur Julie Stankivic. Fortunately, common sense was not totally absent on the council and it was defeated by a lack of even a second.

We in Ward One want to know: is there something in the air over there?

King of George


  1. You are right, Arnett is totally confused.

  2. Eastport Know It AllMarch 4, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    Double life Arnett needs to get in touch with himself.

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  4. Ross has brought a stain to Eastport.

  5. We're not buttoned down quite so tight & repressed as the other side of the creek - chill out dude.

  6. Sir. I say you rowdy Eastporters must keep the racket down. It awakens me from my mid day naps.