Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Need The Super Wealthy

Gentle Hearts:

Mayor Cohen has never spoken truer words: we need a better class of visitor to Annapolis. As a resident of the Historic Core, I completely agree.

Our visitors have an average income of only $73,000 a year!

This is almost double Baltimore's average of $38,000 and is the highest of any area in the State of Maryland. More importantly, we net more revenue per visitor in Annapolis, also number one in the State. More than Baltimore, that gets double the number of visitors.

Yet Mayor Cohen is right to be miffed. So you know what $73,000 buys these days? Barely entry to the middle class.

To boost our numbers in line with the Mayor's proposal, I suggest the following:

-- A 'means test' for all visitors. Similar to what the SEC does to qualify investors for risky investments, one must have a liquid net worth of at least one million dollars. We will then issue special wealth identity cards to those that meet these criteria. These must be displayed at the new gated entry points to the Historic Core.

-- Attractions designed for the super wealthy. This would include converting the parking lot on City Dock to a polo field and the Rec Center to squash courts. Lighted croquet grounds and refreshments at St. Johns for 24/7 matches. A special landing zone for helicopters in the Paca Gardens. You get the idea.

-- Remove offending institutions. It's is time for the Naval Academy to leave town. They are part of the problem. Bringing in the middle classes who hope to see little Johnny or Suzy one day as a naval officer. We should relocate the State Capitol somewhere else too. We have been making sausage far too long in this town. How about to Taneytown?

Not everyone will be able to experience the Historic Core.

That's why there is Eastport. All those unqualified can sit on the other side of the creek and gaze in wonder thinking of the experiences that are not good enough to enjoy in the Core of the Ancient Citte.

Thank you Josh Cohen for speaking the truth and focusing on a real need we have.

It's the most rational thing we have heard in a while.

King of George

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  1. the super wealthy should come to the old 4th ward and see what real people do