Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let's All Leave Town

Gentle Readers:

The King has had to leave his throne on King George Street. One of my polo ponies went lame after an especially energetic match this week in Palm Beach. So I had to net jet away to the South to manage his recovery.

It seems I am not the only one delivering them self out of the Ancient Citte. Mayor Josh Cohen has now decided that working on former Mayor Moyer's agenda out of town is better than working on one of his own in.

We have learned of two trips this week. One to Capitol Hill with Ms. Zina Pierre to push Moyer agenda items forward and another to Olde Town Alexandria for 'coordination' meetings with city officials there.

(I have had such meetings in the past. They usually involve multiple brandies in front of Josephine and Harvey Poe's fire.)

I agree with Mayor Cohen's desire, nay need, to get out of town. As a fellow avoider of conflict and delayer of the inevitable, he now realizes the plug will be pulled on Mr. Smith. This news was delivered by at least two members of city council this week. He has wisely chosen to put off to tomorrow what he could do today (or, in my case, have hired someone else to do today).

To further postpone the Smith firing, I suggest additional trips.

These could include the following:
-- Johns Hopkins Hospital - to investigate spinal implants for the Mayor (these are now made of titanium and are quite light of weight!) to help him in his dealings with Mr. Smith
-- Career Transition Services Center - for Mr. Smith since he will eventually need them
-- The Lester Maddox Museum and Hate-a-torium - surely educational for Mr. Smith

There are others trips of value I am sure.

Since he does not seem to share Ms. Moyer's phobia of turbine driven aircraft, he is welcome to join me. Monday morning I am off again to Palm Beach International on the G5 to attend to the ponies then to sunny Naples for some needed frolic on the white sands of the Port Royal Club.

To quote another Maddox (Dale, not Lester):

"It is great being Mayor. As long as you are not in Annapolis."

Yours in Fidelity.

King of George


  1. I tolerate your intolerance this fine first day of spring.

  2. I do hope your polo pony is feeling better.You need not go so far as the Green Glen Equine Hospital is a fine facility and you could help the planet, save on the jet fuel and go local.

  3. Dear W of O:

    Thank you for your thoughts. We appreciate them.

    Tomorrow I am off to Palm Beach to check the pony's progress over the weekend at the International Polo Club.

    Mayor Cohen or Mr. Smith have not contacted me to join. So I expect to be solo for polo.

    King of George