Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KOG Sells Out. Again.

Dearest Friends:

The King has been hit with some distressing news while on his late summer sojourn to Baden Baden. Copra futures are down. As are his rubber interests in Myanmar. And his copper deposits in Chile. Times are getting tighter financially.

So drastic action is required. Hence this blog must become cash flow neutral to support itself.

Starting today, I am accepting advertising. And I have a very attractive advertising program to offer you.

Better than the rest.

The Capital does not let advertisers effect their editorial content. But that's about it. Every other self serving flight of fancy they let run amok against the commercial objectives of Landmark. This includes Tom Marquardt's spiels on everything from the Bay Bridge to Maryland Hall, both where he has personal conflict of interests.

Paul Foer has taken his masters at The Capital a step further. He gives a pass to whomever writes him a check. Oh, plus you get a banner headline. So far his moral turpitude has included red lining every African American candidate last fall since none paid him. Attacking Mayor Moyer, Mayor Cohen, Mike Mallinoff, John Leopold and Candidate Chis Trumbauer.

After all, Foer's not a racist. He's a monetarist.

But the King's program goes one step further than either The Capital or Foer have dared to go. He will offer you no physical ads at all. You just pay the King and you get included.

Included in his rants. Included in his editorials. Included in his ramblings.

Plus he will excoriate your enemies for you. Just give me a list.

And none of those pesky banner ads to make the link between you and the King.

So send me some cash. And get your, err, I mean the King's, voice heard today!

We've already got one paying customer.

King of George

btw – Our Mayor Josh Cohen has been doing a super job! Trash gets picked up on time and the nasty people from the County are kept at bay. Bully for you Josh Cohen!


  1. your right, Josh is good at trash.

  2. Can you get me that Markethouse contract or will you have to ask permission of the Queen Mother?