Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sex Sells. Even to Annapolitans.

Dearest Readers:

The King is shocked. Shocked I say.

We write about Josh Cohen and you yawn. The Capital is mentioned and you nap. Even Herr Smith's pogroms of Moyerites are happily skipped over.

But mention a wanna be West County pol who has dealings with accused sex offenders?

Katie bar the door! Record hits and comments on KOG. Many from City Hall Annapolis and County Government servers.


It turns out our readers may be larger deviants than we originally thought.

King of George

NEXT KOG: Nude photos of Josh Cohen and Ellen Moyer!!!


  1. some say it was the combination of the Benoit Liquor license scandal and the mention of Fred Shubbie that caused the spike in visitors. I could care less about Frederick it is news to ne that Benoit is connected to a liquor store --Hops and Vines-- in Piney orchard. I also hear the Piney Orchard covenant forbade liqior stores.

    Nonetheless, Go Leopold !!!!

  2. Your Highness, can you imagine what would happen if you could "out" a politician ? you ratings would go through the roof !!

  3. Doesn't Councilman Chuck Ferrar own liquor store and Daryl Jones have a liquor license too? I would be more inclined to support someone who I know likes to have some fun when not tricking us into believing they are tea-totalers. Hell if the State and County government were populated by Restaurant owners, winsellers and nightclub owners maybe some productive work might get done in government!!!

  4. Sex sells unless you want to represent people who like having sex illegally with minors. So in Leopold in Weinstein the GOP has fielded people who engage in and profit from nefarious and/or illegal sexual activity pitted against Democrats who like to legally sell alcohol. Easy choice for me.

    Go drinkers in 2010.

    By the way, I think its Benoit's wife who owns the store not Benoit. He is apparently some multi-millionaire lawyer turned technology tycoon.

  5. Interesting, the Liquor Store mafia is trying to control AA county. Benoit, what say you ?

  6. and from what I hear, if Benoit's wife own the store he has absolutely no interest in it whatsoever.