Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ms. Weinstein Responds. Ibid KOG.

Elite of the Core:

After the King spoke this week, a certain Candidate Weinstein had an issue with it. Apparently, she feels she is a KOG victim.  Even when he quotes her own website.  Where she hawks her services for accused sex offenders.

As she pleads on her Facebook page:

"Ok, so now some horrible things are being said about me. Please my style is not to hide behind a "fake" name (don't we have enough of that in our current government). If you have something that you would like to say about me or to me, have the courage to use your real name. I will be more than happy to address any concerns that you might have and/or to clarify any rumors."

First, dear Ms. Weinstein, I may be a fictional character but I am certainly not fake.  Because I only exist your mind does not make me in any way unreal. Just like Mr. Bumble from Oilver Twist. 

And there's a difference between 'fictional' and 'anonymus'.  I am not the product of any one person's views. Many compose my thoughts and beliefs and they belong to no one individual.  As discouraging a concept as that might be to you.

Second, whining does not become a wannabe elected official.  

People like their elected officials happy, gregarious.  Not flustered and angry. 

Didn't your Republican friends tell you that?  Oh, but that's right.  They all are pretty much whiny and angry on that side of the table.

Unfortunately for you, many of the posters on your Facebook page are in concord with the King.  Including one, a sitting County Councilman:

"Welcome to politics. Stop whining and hit back. Hard!" - Eddie Middlebrooks, Republican AA Councilman, District 2

"Ed with the words of wisdom" - Jim Braswell

"Charlotte, my friend, you need thicker skin if you are going to run for office." - Polly Peters


Maybe it would be easier for you to explain this website.  Where you and your campaign treasurer, one Thomas A. Pavlinic, Esq., brag about your courtroom victories for those accused of sex crimes.  There would be some real transparency.

So, good luck on your race.  But you might consider taking down that sex crime defense website.

King of George

(Eddie, would that be considered 'hitting back hard' ?)


  1. Your Highness Inc.

    Don't you believe that all people should have the right to good legal representation ? Can you imagine an instance in which perhaps you could be falsely accused of a wrongful act ? Though I will not vote for whats-her-name, I think she has a duty and a right to promote herself.

    Good Day Sir.


    ps. that note she sent to you makes her seem like a real dog of the female persuasion

  2. Charlotte K. Weinstein
    Senior Criminal Defense Attorney
    Charlotte Weinstein has devoted 90% of her practice to litigation in criminal and family law. Her combination of criminal and civil litigation experience has made her a particularly effective force in the defense of sex crimes and other criminal charges that typically involve family relationships. Charlotte holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Baltimore School of Law and a Masters Degree in Criminal Law from George Washington University.

    Charlotte serves as Tom's co-counsel in his Maryland cases. Her experience in civil cases involving allegations of child sex abuse brings an added dimension to the criminal defense table.

  3. KOG:

    I did not know your interests lie beyond the Citte and its immeidate hinterlands. Has the industry gone so afoul in our beloved citte that you seek influence in the land of western barbarians? I urge you my liege, there is much more important business to debate in the citte. Leave the affairs of the 4th Bannana Republic to the subhumans who live there.

  4. Yes, I quite agree leave the barbarians to their lot of self abuse, mall parking lots and casinos. It is not worth the effort to spend time or concern yourself with those people out there beyond the walls.

  5. Dearest Watcher et al.:

    I most deeply and sincerely apologize.

    Those mountain dwellers to the west should be none of our concern. Except to the extent that our walls are thick enough to repel their attacks.

    I have erred. I hope you will forgive me.

    King of George

  6. Fred j Shubbie 3rd ©™®September 25, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    Is the City part of the County ? Can it vote on Question 'A'?

    I say Vote for question A, send slots to the land of the commoners.

  7. Fair KOG:

    Please stay vigilant. Crownsville is but a few metres from our citte walls and lest you continue exposing the charade being prepetrated in the land of western barbarians, I do fear that Weinstein and her band of rapists will pillage the citte.

    Heavens no.....

  8. Weinstein can protect Leopold from sexual harrassment charges and keep it all in the Republican family.

  9. Dear King,
    Eddie Middlebrooks is a Jester well-suited to the King's court. It was a shame that the rabble turned back the clown's brother in the primary.

  10. Far preferable to have a member of the second estate capitalist variety such as Benoit than that of the mob rule tea drinkers like Weinstein.

    I do prefer a kinder gentler form of County representation. After all, our Councill in Anne Arundell County dispatches its business within the Citte walls once a fortnight and the thought of bringing in an associate of the sexually perverted class is indeed cause for concern.

  11. they can do what they like in the parking lots & woods but please not in town.