Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And The Loser Is...

Dearest Friends:

The primary is over and the only undecided race is Trumbauer vs. Ferrar. A total of 65 votes separate the combatants with 195 absentees uncounted. So there is no declared winner.

Nevertheless, it is clear that there are already a number of declared losers. Quite a number in fact:

-- Mayor Josh Cohen - He took a position in this race for reasons no one really understands. To this day.

Confounding. Writing letters, pleading and threatening even Aldermen.

And then he compounded this mistake by bumbling attempts to cast Chuck Ferrar as a Democratic carpet bagger. This white wash of Chuck only brought more heat onto poor Chris' recent conversion into the Democratic Party's fold.

The last weeks of this Cohen mis-managed campaign led to foolish tricks with faked 'endorsement' photos and the plastering of abandoned buildings with Mr. Trumbauer's signs.

Sad really.

Even if Mr. Trumbauer wins after a recount, can this Mayor ever recover his dignity?

-- Kathy Nieberding - Her long trumpeted winning streak is over now for sure. True, Zina's campaign beat her last fall, but Josh's eventual victory was a fig leaf for her dignity. But now even that one last leaf is no more.

Many in the Democratic establishment are none too upset to see her cast out. Feeling betrayed by someone they once considered to be a idealistic friend and then turn out to be a political opportunist of the highest order.

-- Carl Snowden - Dear Carl will suffer only a minor inconvenience. It's completely clear that his support for Trumbauer was ordained by Attorney General Gansler, his boss and Josh's buddy.

But every African American precinct went Ferrar 60% to 40% (on average, please). His ability to represent that he can deliver the African American vote is shot.

-- Environmentalists - And not for the obvious reason. Their Trumbauer mindless endorsements pointed out how principle-less these groups have become. The Sierra Club and The League of Conservation Voters in particular. Piling into Mr. Trumbauer's bandwagon.

Mr. Trumbauer himself had a hand in the biggest environment sell out in this City and State's history this spring. When Mayor Cohen rolled back years of environmental progress with a single stroke of the budget pen. And Chris remained mum.

Oh, Mr. Trumbauer may yet lose too. Or perhaps it will be Mr. Ferrar. But they will both soon get over it.

King of George


  1. Earth to King, come in King. This is a loss for Pantelides, Steve Carr, and you, I'm afraid, Dear King.

  2. Your Highness, I

    sense in you and see in your writing you are disoriented by the non-sensical outcomes and what-nots that have come to fruition. First and foermost, we need to discuss Cohen's exploitation of his boy what's-his-name. Clearly it was a well calculated decision by Joshua J. to use his political capital ( and his mum's connections) in order to improve his image and appear paternal, when he made the decision to support the bearded boy trumbauer, Funny thing is, those of us that live in Annapolis, would never associate, must less advocate for a person from the backwaters of Edgewater ( the swamp from which Trumbauer arose)

    Fug it, lets all git naked and swim

  3. Dear Anon:

    Yes, the King has lost all.

    My servants are preparing to torch the estate as I write. A new day may be born soon. One without the King, M. Carr and M. Pantaloons.

    But I doubt it.

    King of George

  4. But Ferrar has lost. And so has the Democratic party, divided as ever. D Central Committee lost too, and lost control.

  5. Josh Cohen is like the film that forms on my Chowder as it cools.

  6. Ah, King. So funny. You are the only person I know who can spin a Trumbauer win into a loss for his supporters. After the absentees are counted today and the win becomes clearer (which should happen, given that Ferrar will need to win 2/3 of the absentees to make up the ground he trails by), I suggest you simply pick up the knife and fork and eat some tasty crow.

    Fact is, and I've said this before, Chris worked the areas outside of the City (where 50% of the District lies) to his advantage. Y'know, the area of the district that could care less about referendums on Josh Cohen. Ferrar had no GOTV operation to speak of (or at least an operation that worked), and it showed in his key precincts. He couldn't turn out his vote.

    Just admit it...Chuck got beat fair and square on this one.

  7. Dearest Anon:

    A victory for someone to be sure. But who?

    Not Ferrar or Trumbauer or Cohen & Co. Nor Democrats.

    One may declare 'victory'. But what's this victory worth?

    Not much.

    King of George

  8. Oh, sorry King, I didn't realize we were changing the subject. You were speaking of who "lost" and "won", not the "worth" of the victory.

    And in the zero-sum game of politics, who you say "lost" doesn't comport with the results, no matter what your spin is.

  9. The scum on my Chowder is easily removed revealing a hot , creamy broth suitable for royalty. People, remove the scum form your Chowder and eat.

  10. The King did indeed lose....to "Big" Ed Reilly.

  11. The Annapolis I will rememberSeptember 17, 2010 at 8:16 AM

    A skit I wrote about Cohen in light of his performance as Mayor.
    Tie Selection Idea Team

    Boy J : Honey, I want to wear a tie today. Get the family together and a few neighbors QUICKLY, we must brainstorm before I select my neck wear.
    Attendant: The lady has gathered the Tie Selection Idea Team Boy J
    Boy J (standing before Idea Team): As you know the last tie selection was a disaster, my shirt was stained by ther faulty dye, and the last selector was asked to leave. I am Honored to be here with such a great team of tie selectors to discuss the formulation of the requirements and desired outcome of a tie in the complex enviroment and economic realities of the masses, keeping in mine the desire values i must maintain, in the short term I reserve all right to refuse but will reserve options to decide furthall things.

    .....after several hours of discussion Boy J blurts....

    Thank you all for your input, in light of the great progress we have made today, I will be going to The Annapolis Mall in order to fulfill the needs we have formulated!!! I will be leaving in my car, as soon as the Head of PArking brings it to me ( Head of Parking whispers into Boy J's ear)
    WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY CAR WAS STOLEN LAST WEEK !!?? Why was I not told ?

    Curtain Closes as theme music to the three stooges is played.

  12. Whaaa.. Haapppnn''ed - Trumbauer was supposed to lose big time?

  13. Cohen pulled some strings and the trumbauer puppet did better than expected,

  14. Dear Annapolis I Will:

    Bravo sir!

    Quite a display of the Dramatis Arte. I look forward to opening night.

    And then the movie version.

    King of George

  15. Methinks the King has no clothes.... his liquor store owner lost the election and young Cohen triumphs...