Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moyer Destitute. Joins Distinguished Line of Former Mayors.

Fellow Historics:

I am happy to report that former Mayor Ellen O. Moyer has joined an illustrious tradition of former Mayors of the City of Annapolis: she's broke and desperate.

Yes, it appears Citizen Moyer is down on her luck. She was sighted over the long weekend serving lemonade to passers by at the First Sunday Festival on West Street. Rumor has it she would also squeegee your windshield for a quarter or clean your gutters for $5.

She joins a long line of former Mayors, including:

-- 'Dickie' Hillman - He is still seen in the Historic Core dressed as a colonial tour guide after his ouster by the Ehrlich Administration 6 years ago. Anyone know where the Hillman House is at?

-- Al Hopkins - Who kept a bench seat warm for almost a decade at Chick and Ruth's after his 8 years. He was rumoured to subsist on maple syrup spills and the crust of day old toast.

-- Dean Johnson - His peripatetic ways have made some believe he is homeless. Or maybe he just isn't allowed around the house anymore.

-- Roger 'Pip' Moyer - After being Mayor, he returned to Eastport and began an existence that he himself described as 'tribal' in his oral history. Sleeping all day and chopping wood.

Oh, those crazy Eastporters!

-- Gustav Akerman - A sad sad case. We don't need to speak of the details here.

The only Annapolis Mayors who have been known to make good were John Apostol, who purportedly saved all his kick-backs and now wisely lives out-of-state in Florida.

And my cherished friend old Mayor William Pinkney. Who was U.S. Attorney General, 1811-14 for President Madison and resigned after a bill was introduced into Congress requiring the Attorney General to reside in Washington DC. And would have forced him to leave his dear home in the Ancient Citte.

So, Mayor Cohen, your choices are not good ones. Either start absconding with the funds. Get a lot closer to the President. Or find that cardboard box you always wanted.

Apparently, there's a citizen's posse out there ready to help you do just that.

King of George


  1. Maybe Moyer and Elliot can go to the track together now and bet on the ponies together with that missing cash.

  2. Cohen will be a time-shares salesman in a third world resort.

  3. Annapolis mayors in the past have had an illustrious path to nowhere given their pond size. Cohen has a shot at something different because he is a nice guy, honest and dresses well.

  4. Moyer making lemons - this is a new thing ?

  5. Fred Shubbie™©®September 8, 2010 at 7:34 PM

    Lets see nice guy, honest ?, and dresses well...... a dog walker for the people in my neighborhood !!!

  6. how appropriate for Ellen ... "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade."! Better still would be a stand that sells granola ... you know, the stuff with nuts and flakes.

  7. Cohen's a one termer...

  8. Cohen usually gives up before that, let's hope he jumps ship soon.

  9. Foer has done a great Expose' on the Cohenista sleazy political thuggery team featuring ethical implications !!!

  10. So what else is new ? Foer, Ward One & Moyer want the Liquor Store Owner in District 6 and will do anything to discredit Cohen at this time - it is their goal - even trashing the environment will do...

  11. I live in the city and I have been inundated with negative campaign crap from Trumbauer for months. Rarely do the attack pieces even mention Chris' name other than on the authority line. Ferrar was attacked repeatedly for not being a Democrat, so he finally sent one piece out showing that he has been a life-long Dem, going all the way back to Lyndon Johnson, while Trumbauer joined the Democratic party in May. ALL the negative stuff has come from Cohen (who admitted as much to "The Capital") while Ferrar has sent out positive pieces asking for your vote and explaining why he is the right guy for the job. I haven't received any negative Ferrar stuff from Moyer or anyone else on the Ferrar team. So, it's simply wrong to sling mud, and then accuse the recipient of being the bad guy. If Trumbauer has to go negative to win, so be it. But take ownership. Don't scream foul because the mud didn't stick.

  12. political consultant to the starsSeptember 10, 2010 at 5:09 PM

    No one will elect a scrawny guy with a beard to the county council. Ain't gonna happen.

  13. We gonna get free beer election day again ? ... and how about that trip to Atlantic City that was promised ?

  14. You want a job as a valet parking attendant or croupier for the Casino at the Mall ? That's all you're gonna get with this Republican gang in there...