Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zina Speaks

Dearest Friends:

The king always has fear of Second Acts. Especially in politics.

Remember that dastard Corsican? First, we put him on Elbe. Then he escaped and raised a ruckus on the Continent. Finally, our dear cousin the Duke of Wellington had to put him down at Waterloo and he spent the rest of his years on St. Helena.

Egads! An awful lot of work to keep republicanism at bay.

Thus the first public uttering since the election from Ms. Zina Pierre have brought some appropriate attention from inside pol watchers in the Ancient Citte. She spoke at a GOTV rally for Chuck Ferrar, heir apparent to Josh Cohen on the County Council.

What she said couldn't be more telling.

You see she spoke of the disappointment in 'elected officials who don't keep their promises'. We wonder who that could be? And 'we will not be fooled again'.


Of course, Ms. Pierre soundly trounced Mayor Cohen in the primaries only to succumb to the attacks of hate bloggers and a newspaper only interested in their own community busting agenda (that they actually believe sells more papers). And then Mayor Cohen was selected, not elected, to replace her.

So, one wonders, on whom were these comments focused?

Mayor Cohen with Alderman Kirby (background)
Perfoming Lifeguard Duties at Harbor House Pool This Week

Also, this event was the political coming out party for Citizen Moyer. Fresh from her letter mailings across the citte. Acknowledged and warmly received by all, methinks she was encouraged to speak up more often and expand her activities.

Let us hope that we, the elite of the Historic Core, will not have to exile Ms. Pierre and Citizen Moyer to Poplar Island far in the middle of the Bay.

Otherwise they might win another election or two.

King of George


  1. Black Power !!!!!

  2. Yes, The racists at The Capital want to foment class hatred. They deploy Foer to do their dirty work.

    They hate Sheila, Classie, Kenny, Zina and ...

    Notice a pattern?

  3. Josh's NeighborJuly 22, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Hey, I just read a really good piece of the Boy that is Mayor. This mayor is a sleaze, pure and simple

  4. LOL, where is the "journalist" Foyer on this. No doubt whining about someone not using their real name!

  5. Zina is supporting Chuck Ferrar because he is the real deal. He aint no political hack. He's a small business owner who has lived in Annapolis his whole life. A life-long Democrat who aint a career politician. He owns the best liquor store in town! His dollar days make the world go round and I always stock up when he sells my favorite hooch at rock bottom prices. Chuck knows what it's like to make a payroll, pay medical insurance for his employees, and live within a budget. And he cares about those in need. I heard he just did a fundraiser for Maryland Hall. And he made sure the County put back the money they tried to steal from the Community Action Agency. Zina & Chuck understand that getting elected is really about public service, and they aren't looking for a job. If Zina was the Mayor and Chuck represented us on the County Council we would see that people can work together for the greater good, and do it with civility and respect. Trumbauer was Cohen's Treasurer and is just Josh's stooge. He has never made a payroll and has worked for the government or environmental groups his whole life. We need someone who knows what the real world is like, not a one trick pony who keeps whining about saving the bay.

  6. Whining about the dead Bay huh...

    The Chesapeake needs a statesman who cares and prioritizes its needs. Water quality is a canary in thecoal mine and this canary is laying on the bottom of the cage.

    The warm green soup called water is pretty much filled with sea nettles and very few crabs & fish - not at all like it was -- darn shame.

    Bring back the seaweed, clams and oysters and then we'll talk.

    Is a payroll making small businessman on Forest Drive going to do anything for the water ?

    Haven't heard much from him on this.

  7. Ferrar hasn't lived in Annapolis his "whole life". He even says so. He was born in MD, moved to Houston for most of his life, then moved back here 20 years ago to start a liquor business.

    He also has donated money to such worth candidates as Andy Harris and Bob Ehrlich. Some Democrat.

  8. Most businesses, if they are apt to donate politically, will do so to candidates of all parties. You never know who will win, so you butter your bread on both sides. It is simple really.

    As for Trumbauer and the Bay. The Bay is an issue for sure, but here is a newsflash, a County Councilman from Anne Arundel is not going to save it. At minimum, the candidate that will save the bay needs to be a statewide officeholder (remember, most of our counties border the bay) or preferably a national office.

    So faulting Ferrar for not saving the bay is akin to blaming Pristoop for an unsolved crime in Montana.

  9. Amen! We had the Queen of the Environment Barbara Samoraczyk for 8 years. We had Josheroo for -- I forget how many years he stayed before jumping ship yet again -- and his main issue was supposedly the environment too. So, let's see, after more than a decade of having environmental champs representing the citizens of Annapolis, can anyone name a single piece of environmental legislation that either Barbara or Josh were able to get through the County Council? Stormwater Utility? Landscape Design? Forest Conservation? Developer Fees? They got zip! Nada. They were marginalized like little whiny kids sent off into the corner to play. Why? Because they can't work with the North County boys & girls. So, what we need is someone who can work with rest of the Council, not pie-in-the-sky dreamers. Trumbauer would get eaten alive by Mike Wagner & The NC Crew Oh, and by the way, the average voter is a helluva lot more interested in the economy than the Bay. Sorry about that. But with this economy, people are scared and want to save their own lives before they worry about saving the Bay.

  10. You are of course right the Bay is highly over rated. Let's elect Bob Ehrlich and get rid of it as an issue and make all of the world like Arbutus and/or the intersection of Forest Drive at Tyler Avenue or maybe Forest Drive at Bywater Road in the Chinquapin Round Road area - you know like up at Furnace Branch Road at Route 2. North County is a real place.

    Enough of the rain gardens, bioswales and direct infiltration into the ground, cooling micro climates and theh like -- we don't need any of that stuff.

    Bob E. will help repeal the new Maryland storm water laws and get rid of all those LEED requirements on buildings the Socialists are putting on us.

    We need more asphalt and concrete that don't need much maintenance besides a good sweeping once every other year. Let's get rid of O'Malley he's too green and namby-pamby and always smiling - what a phony.

    As for Trumbauer, Cohen and Babs S. you are completely right - dreamers one and all... and not at all pragmatic or about getting things done like more parking.

  11. What would John Pantelides do?

  12. Pantelides 2012 !