Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Liar, Liar Pantaloons on Fire

Dear Friends:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a small state of confusion from time to time. It reduces friction and gets us out of sticky situations.

Like the time I was held up by banditos in the Pampas. Suddenly I was a poor campesino. Yet even that didn't work out too well. Maybe it was my Andalusian accent. Or my Gucci loafers. ¿QuiĆ©n sabe?

As reported here (Stanton Centre to be Privatized, July 12) there are confused stories circulating about changes a foot. So much so that they reached the ears of El Jefe Cohen yesterday. Seems more than one Alderman wants to know what he knows.

Apparently, the Mayor knows little or nothing about it. Mentioned some diffuse meeting to take place at the end of the month involving the Boys and Girls Club.

The problem for the young Mayor is that former Mayor Ellen Moyer says he called her in March. Subject: Sale of the Stanton Centre. Need to jettison city assets. Sell, baby sell!

And Citizen Moyer says she counseled 'no deal'.

Spoil sport!

So the young Mayor seems to have had full knowledge of the prospect then. Which he seems to now have forgotten?

Yet again, an issue re-emerges from beyond the grave. Perhaps being circulated behind the back of the Mayor by disgraced former CAO Doug Smith?

You see Herr Smith has been overheard complaining about the size of his new office. And the basketball court at the Stanton Centre would make a fine environment from which to read proclamations and threaten the jobs of remaining city workers. Draped in purple and secured by Swiss Guards with pikes it could be very regal throne for the Prince.

Of course, someone should radio the news to all concerned that we, the elite of the Historic Core, have already decided.

And we are the deciders.

Club Stanton is in the works. Cigar rooms, brandies, fine art and gastronomie fantastique!

This property's highest and best use.

King of George


  1. Ideas RequiretheabilitytothinkJuly 14, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    " Apparently, the Mayor knows little or nothing about it."

    That statement can apply to just about anything.

  2. Who has the $150K

  3. The Center is not on the market but consideration may be being given to a proposal that was made to the City in the form of a public/private partnership with a local non profit. If such a proposal were made, and I am not saying that there was in fact such a proposal, the Mayor has a duty to consider all proposals even if nothing becomes of it.

    Does anyone know if the Center was among the property assets that were pledged as collateral against the City's borrowing line of credit with Bank of America?

  4. Whatever - Don't raise our taxes and pick our pockets...

  5. As a city-owned building, the Stanton Center is effectively pledged as an asset to the bank as security for its loans. This is because the loan agreement with Bank of America requires a guarantee of the debt by the City of Annapolis. This would require, in the event of a default, that the city sell assets to repay the bank. And the Stanton Center is one of those assets - along with all other city owned property.

  6. Maybe sell everything & fork over the Charter to the County and live debt free.