Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Update

Dear Readers:

It's the doldrums of the summer in the Ancient Citte. Yet the citte seems anything but dull.

Yes, the news seems to keep coming. In spite of the King's efforts to drown it out by humming "Rule Britannia" constantly.

So, in a rare effort at public service, the King will provide an update and new news as it reaches his ears. Irregardless of his humming of his favorite music from the British imperial era:

Liar, Liar Pantaloons on Fire and Stanton Centre to be Privatized - The King has found that the effort to privatize the Stanton Centre did in fact originate with disgraced former CAO Doug Smith. In cahoots with Boys and Girls Club honcho Reggie Brody. Seems they have concocted a scheme to take over recreational activities at the Stanton Centre.

What is most surprising is that Mayor Cohen does not agree with their nefarious plan but, apparently, will not shut it down.

We also understand what Herr Smith has been telling the Mayor does not jibe with what he is telling others. He wants to kick the not-for-profits operating in the Centre out, telling the Director of one he has been cut off from City support of any kind.

His all mighty nefariousness at work!

All Herr Smith's noise probably does not make much difference anyway. Two members of the Council have privately announced their intention to go to war if the proposal goes any further.

Red, White and Green - After our post, senior Republicans have now threatened to cut off all monies flowing to one African American leader. And nobody's happy about that.

Sorry guys.

Alderman Paone Loses All Self Control - After Monday night's outburst, other members of the City Council are saying -- so what? As one member said, Ald. Furious Fred "always has someone to pick on at every meeting. So what's the big deal?"

Ho, hum. Nothing to see here. Another Republican meltdown.

Next appearence: a court room near you.

Where's Waldo - In keeping with the transformation of City Hall into the Fuhrer bunker, apparently the Cohen Administration has killed all flowers and has decided weeds to be the new city flora. Flower pots in front of City Hall are still dead and, right before the 4th, one city worker had had enough. She went out and pulled weeds around City Hall on her lunch hour.

She obviously hadn't gotten the memo. Weeds can be so beautiful.

Tragedy Strikes City Official - After the naming of Mr. Mallinoff as City Manager he has prudently submerged. To test depth we understand. Yet he is operating at 30 knots, albeit currently at R&R on China Beach.

Standby for Torpex.


Many of you still maintain an interest in this stuff regardless of the heat index. I'm so sorry for you.

I suggest a cold shower.

King of George


  1. At least the citizen taxpayers don't have to now pay for flowers - Why don't those cozy gov't workers with those cushy jobs beautify their own workplace themselves ?

    Do we have to pay for everything (like parking) for them ? Maybe they will want us to start buying them clothes and a laundry service for cleaning them.

  2. Joshy Poshy Puddin-n-pieJuly 17, 2010 at 11:38 AM

    City Hall should be moved to the Staton Center so Josh can get in touch with his masculine side.

  3. Less flowers, more lash!!!

  4. Ellen Moyer's finance director and hold-over Tim Elliott has got to go.

  5. Clean house. Start with the mascot.

    Recall Cohen!

  6. its been quiet for a couple of days, I think we have a major Cohen faux pas in the works.....stay tuned.

  7. Foer is a racist. Look at the pot he is trying to stir up over at The Capital and Tom Markward just lets him go. I guess Tom doesn't like blacks either.

  8. Sorry here is the link