Monday, July 12, 2010

Stanton Centre to be Privatized

The Reprised Stanton Centre - Après Privée

Dearest Friends:

The King has heard most excellent news today. The Stanton Centre is to be privatized.

Yes, the venerable Stanton Centre, named after that unruly Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, is to become private. A place that will exclude all of those who do not belong. A place for us, the elite of the Historic Core.

Bully I say!

It's about time that we have a truly private exclusive club for us within walking distance the Core. Where we can enjoy a fine glass of 1952 Oporto. Or partake in fine art and sample exquisite cuisine from the table d'hôte.

Just like I do when I am at the Lotos Club in Gotham.

It's unclear who would come up with such a fine plan. Methinks, perhaps, disgraced former CAO Doug Smith? If so, then young Mayor Cohen should be congratulated for listening to the wise counsel of his former colleague.

This could be enough to let Herr Smith back into our good graces.

Or at least our parlours.

King of George


  1. this post makes me think about Bush.

  2. What, the Annapolitan Club is not enough? You know the one that only let's in rich white guys who are served by blacks?

  3. This is wonderful news We will finally have an old world place in keeping with our social position & superior standing.

    Could we alter the street traffic and make Northwest Street two way so we can pass by our ancestors on our way to and from the club ? Valet parking will of course be provided, right?

    I can't wait! I do hope the napping rooms are quiet.