Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alderman Paone Loses All Self Control

Fellow Historics:

The King is a passionate man. When dear cousin Marie, wife of Louis, lost her head to the French mob in 1793, I was quite perturbed. Being young and imprudent, I actually yelled at my coach driver. Then took the lash to the scoundrel.

An appropriate next step.

So I completely understand when, after factual comments of Alderman Kirby on the final CCRABL committee report, Alderman Paone lost all composure last night. Demanded from the Mayor that Ald. Kirby be cut off. And acted generally immature. "Mr. Mayor! This is totally inappropriate!" he shouted.

I agree. Transparency and public knowledge of committee reports is so passe.

Pouring salt into the wound, Ald. Kirby mentioned the controversial 7-11 on West Street. He told dear Ald. Paone that some of his constituents would support the facility. Seems folks on Clay and Washington Streets would like to buy basic food at less than usury prices. Like bread, milk and soda.

Kind of like those of us in the Historic Core who demand a gourmand's establishment to purvey croissants, Camembert and fine French truffles.

Again, dear Ald. Fred lost it. Yelling at Ald. Kirby that he "didn't need him to tell him about his ward."

In his day job as a State's Attorney prosecutor he is often charged with prosecuting those from Ald. Kirby's own ward. Thus he needs to resort to unrestrained speech and emotion to make a point, get his way and convict. It is in his blood, his training, his penchant.

Makes one contemplate what goes on beyond the blind walls of justice at the courthouse. So watch out juries of Anne Arundel County. Furious Fred is on the war path!

Of course Alderman Paone is correct. He has a right to verbally pummel those of different wards, views and backgrounds who do not agree with him.

Damn it! He is an elected official and a State's Attorney prosecutor.

And the lash is not far behind.

King of George


  1. This town is unfair to humans.

  2. Does Paone pack heat like Cordle did? If so, then I'm scared!

  3. Cordish packed heat AND Jack Daniels. You should be OK with Paone, I hear he is a teetotaler.

  4. Yeah, Mike Fox used to say he could smell the booze on Cordle at Council meetings.

  5. King,

    I may agree that some desire to buy basic food at reasonable prices but that is not typically the pricing strategy of the corporate 24/7 stores. In fact, a convenience premium is added in general and late night food "combos" are overpriced as well as there being high mark ups on things like cigarettes. Some even suggest that some 24/7 stores take unfair advantage of underserved and low/moderate income consumers and target them by picking nearby walk-to locations.

  6. Remember also that their prices are higher because they are robbed blind by the same people that complain about them. Just look at Arundel Market on Clay street, everything is behind bullet proof glass.

  7. to the last poster :

    Paul Foer is looking for writer's for his new anti-black people blog

  8. ACtually Wawa has the lowest cigarette prices anywhere.

    Tanya--do you have a URL of that latest blog for Foer

  9. I prefer Wawa or Piggl Wiggly as they have better friend chicken.

  10. There is a nice little out of the way French country store on Nantucket called L'Ile de France" that might prove to be a good model for what to do for a "convenience store" on West Street. We are after all a European based town.

    Our people need more of a General Store with some antiques out front, copper pots with a crushed oyster shell parking lot.

  11. To Tanya Hard-ing

    What was said was not anti-black, just the hard cold facts.