Thursday, April 22, 2010

King of George: DON'T READ THIS BLOG!

Fellow Historics:

I am upset.

Over 400 page views yesterday and media reports attributing the King.

Yet that is not the point. This is not a blog for you and your freakishly twisted agenda. And certainly not for the tired and huddled masses of Eastport or Admiral Heights or even the poseurs of Wardour.

It is for us, the elite of the Historic Core.

To quote my favorite source, me:

First and foremost you must understand we are superior to you. It's not because we are smarter, more handsome or have amassed more wealth. It is simply that our minds are decided on this point.

Second, you enable us. Thank you very much. We sniffle about crime, you 'stop the gunfire'. We are awoken by 2 am rowdyism, you want to ban all bars.

Messieurs and Madames, thank you for your efforts. But your membership to the Club has been rejected.

You see it takes so much more than simple extremism to belong here.

You must attend the croquet match with friends who have jetted in from Dusseldorf, sip sherry with dear Harvey on a blustery fall day and have had secret cocktails to celebrate the renovations you have done to your home without HPC approval.

You see, our life does have a higher quality about it.

So, unless you are part of the elite:


King of George

NB - If you live on Boucher or Burnside, then you should unplug your computer and step away from the key board.


  1. The King is Krazy.

    The gunfire group is a bunch of good old American patriots. We are out to protect our homes against the lefties who want to take our guns away and make us into one 'community'.

    We know what you want and its socialism in Eastport!

  2. Well!


    I have been silenced by the censors...

    Annapolis is yet to be free and we need another Tea Party!

  3. Dearest Ward:

    It is truly unfortunate that Historics, on rare occasion, must censor one another. Nevertheless, other than moral suasion, I have no way to keep the 'out warders' off this blog. Hence, we must be sober in our thoughts and communications.

    King of George

  4. It is a sad day when our own cannot stand on a level playing field with one another but must resort to subterfuge and obfuscation of the truth. The new museum envisioned would indeed eclipse the National Sailing Hall of Fame and be most dangerous to conventional understanding & the proper interpretation of Annapolis history.

    I am surprised you have quashed dissent on this one. It is time for the truth.

  5. Dearest Readers:

    I will delete comments from commoners.

    You have been warned.

    King of George

  6. Bully I say! it is time the King enforced clearing the ether of the rabble and their ponderous inanity and tendency to rattle on and on about their trifles. They can go to blogs on the other side of the creek for that drivel. It was a wonderful day for a nap and I do feel refreshed and look forward to a quiet evening away from the maddening crowd.

  7. I dare say, good King, that the secret has been let out. Perhaps it is time to retire to my gated gardens for a glass of absinthe.

  8. Will you come to our Tea Party ?

  9. Dearest Readers:

    Over my objections, there is now a free public education for the commoners of Eastport, Admiral Heights and Wardour. This includes learning to read. So did you miss a lesson?

    So please re-read this post.

    This blog is not interested in your selfish and freakishly twisted agendas. And we are certainly NOT a forum to debate your life 'issues' and other drivel.

    We are here for the elite of the Historic Core. To have valuable social intercourse with the people who matter: us.

    The King will defend his court. I will delete your self absorbed and most common posts from this blog. Gleefully!

    Zap. Gone.

    So either get over yourselves or leave us for the Buffons of Boucher and Burnside.


    King of George

    NB - I am happy to report our page views are lower today. Yeah! We are becoming exclusive again.

  10. King - you are correct to put the Stop the Gunfire nut cases in their place.

    Finally, common sense in Annapolis!

  11. Dearest Reader:


    King of George