Friday, April 16, 2010

Of Banques and Cheques

Fine Fellows:

The King has always found a use for bankers. Wiring money offshore, translating currencies or the occasional discreet payment to a former admirer. Bankers are most advantageous in all these functions.

So you can imagine my surprise to find Herr Smith had not yet used their necessary services in the performance of his putsch. Money shoveled into the furnace of government for the benefit of the elite always makes for a bully show.

Being of the servile classes in Eastport, former Mayor Moyer had this quaint issue with borrowing money. I suppose she was afraid of this 'foreclosure' thing that has so bedeviled her middle classes of late. Or, perhaps, she was worried about the citte's AA+ credit rating.

True gentlemen don't give a damn about credit ratings. So it is high time Herr Smith is changing all of this.

But please note: what is more important than borrowing large sums of money is from whom you borrow it. I suggest Rothschild. They have always taken care to the pecuniary aspects of my life. Plus, when the repayments are not made in a timely fashion (because, of course, they never are), they have been known to forgive certain debts for those of the correct social standing.

So, Herr Smith, the cheque book is now open. You can sign our citte's future away.

I can always move away.

Can you?

King of George


  1. Nice try it's all Ellen Moyer's fault.

  2. Eye On Annapolis is reporting that the harbormaster has quit. Where will you moor your yacht?

  3. Dear Hearts:

    Yes, I agree. It is all Ms. Moyer's fault. I understand she also had a hand in the French Revolution, the Black Death and that pesky affair with Cousin Wilhelm from 1914 to 1918.

    I do understand the Eye sees and knows all. But, no worries. My yacht is safe in Monaco this time of year.

    King of George

  4. Mr. Smith is a paragon of administrative efficiency, fairness and right thinking just like all of those with whom he associates. He shall have this city whipped into shape in no time and it will be a different place in 6 months now that Moyer and her clan of hanger-ons are no longer corrupting things.

  5. Ward:

    Once again our views are in concord.

    Excellent croquet Saturday, non? Many of our neighbors were feeling no pain.


    King of George